Discover the bread of Sardinia 04 dicembre 2017    0 Comments

Discover the bread of Sardinia

Familiarizing with the Sardinian bread world is a really interesting journey. Tourists generally know and appreciate the famous  Carasau bread in the form of a disc, also called "music pap...

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Tombs of the Giants 30 novembre 2017    0 Comments

Tombs of the Giants

It seems that the Giants' Tombs were religious sites , bu t the most interesting and intriguing discovery is that these structures were built exactly where the energy channels of magnetic forces e...

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Golfo Aranci's Mermaid 15 novembre 2017    0 Comments

Golfo Aranci's Mermaid

A peculiarity that guests visiting Golfo Aranci must not miss is the song of the Mermaid rising from the sea.   From the depths of the blue sea, right in front of the Town Hall, emerg...

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PASTA: a strong tradition of Sardinia 08 ottobre 2017    0 Comments

PASTA: a strong tradition of Sardinia

" Life is a combination of pasta and magic . " (Federico Fellini) Pasta in Sardinia, rich in wheat since ever, has its peculiarities to be discovered. We know that remains of wheat have been f...

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BOTTARGA: a fish food excellence from Sardinia 17 settembre 2017    0 Comments

BOTTARGA: a fish food excellence from Sardinia

Its strong flavor and scent immediately lead us to Sardinia, to the crystal blue sea and warm white beaches. On these shores, the Phoenicians first and the Arabs later taught to salt and sea...

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Diving in Golfo Aranci 19 giugno 2014    0 Comments

Diving in Golfo Aranci

An underwater trasure Underwater flora and fauna have always been subject of study for human being. Every now and then we come across new discoveries regarding new species of sea organism, that appe...

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Excursions from Golfo Aranci 27 giugno 2014    0 Comments

Excursions from Golfo Aranci

Discovering the beauties of northern Sardinia Golfo Aranci is situated on a beautiful seaside, 20 km from Olbia’s airport and just few kilometers from the well-known towns of Porto Rotondo...

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The Pillar of Light 01 luglio 2014    0 Comments

The Pillar of Light

Tribute to Guglielmo Marconi Cape Figari, Golfo Aranci. 11th August 1932. Guglielmo Marconi, the 11th August 1932 in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, was the first person to successfully undertake an experi...

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Cape Figari and Figarolo Island 03 luglio 2014    0 Comments

Cape Figari and Figarolo Island

A fascinating journey into the north Sardinia Golfo Aranci is not only sea. Our sea village has a lot more to offer. Trekking through the beautiful Mediterranean scrub is a valid alternative way to ...

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Weddings on the beach in Golfo Aranci 14 agosto 2014    0 Comments

Weddings on the beach in Golfo Aranci

A dream that come true People come from all over Europe, Norway, Germany, Switzerland or England. They book one or two years in advance, dreaming about their wedding day. At sunset, on the seaside, ...

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