About us

The Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro is a family-run hotel which has been in the Da Tome family for the past 40 years. Sergio Da Tome is the Managing Director and together with his wife, his brother and his son he ensures that guests are properly welcomed.

The hotel offers highly personalized service with the help of 54 long-serving employees. These employees work as a team, getting to know the habits and preferences of each guest, many of whom return to the Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro every summer. Hospitality and service are the by-words of this team.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere at this hotel makes guests feel as though they have entered the home of friends. Guests return to the Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro with their families, having originally gone there as children with their parents. The happy memories and friendships created on the beach, in the sea and in and around the hotel pools draw guests to the hotel again and again.

“From a musical point of view the light blue is like a flute, the blue is like a cello or, when it becomes very dark, to the wonderful sound of a bass; and in its most dark and solemn has the deep sound of an organ”. 

Over the years, comments and feedback from the hotel guests have helped management to update, innovate, change and expand the hotel to surprise returning guests and to create memorable experiences. Lately, the hotel's clientele has enjoyed an increased number of international visitors who have added another layer of elegance and cosmopolitan flair to the hotel's ambiance.