Blú Restaurant

Blù Restaurant

Only by night. Only outside. Only by Chef Daniele Sechi.

It is said that tasting local specialties is a bit like assimilating the Territory, and this is definilety a main objective of the dining experience at the Blù Restaurant. The magical, charming location, only three meters above the Sardinian sea, is a prelude to an unforgettable Italian gourmet experience: let our maitre and waiters guide you through an always changing menù, to help you discover the freshest handmade products, like La Fregula, a unique Sardinian pasta dish that Chef Daniele Sechi prepares in many creative possibilities.

Enjoy the sun setting on Golfo Aranci, let the gentle breeze coming from the sea caress you and indulge in the Blù colors of the pristine waters under the terrace. The Blù Restaurant opens only when the summer evenings are warm and gentle, as this is the perfect frame for a unique food experience that will fullfil your senses.