With its dramatic scenery and amazing turquoise-blue sea, Sardinia is a great holiday location offering numerous entertaining activities and exciting, unforgettable experiences. If you wish to spice up your vacation, learn more about the roots and traditions of Sardinia or you just long for a deeper connection with the luxurious nature of this incredible land, the position of Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro offers a great deal of activities and experiences nearby, for the lazy as well as for the sportive, dynamic ones.

Our Reception and Concierge are at your disposal to help you discover the many seasonal possibilities and tailor these activities around your needs. Here are just some examples of what we can offer:

Private dinner on the beach

An unforgettable night under the stars of Sardinia, a mouthwatering dinner on the beach with a special dedicated service.

The private beach of Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro, on the beach of Terza Spiaggia in Golfo Aranci, allows a stunning setting for an intimate, romantic dinner.

The service of our private gazebo on the beach includes the following:

  • special setting of gazebo, table and chairs upon your needs and partecipants
  • dedicated waiter
  • soft music for ambiance
  • flowers and candles for decoration

Massage and relax

Experience and enjoy a pleasant moment of pure relax and wellness. In your room or in the privacy of our gazebo, on the private beach of Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro.

Treat yourself with a massage on the beach, pampered by the expert hands of our masseur, wrapped in the scents of the mediterranean flora and cradled by the rhythmic sound of the sea. Our gazebo guarantees your privacy thanks to wide linen curtains that allow light coming through, for an absolute wellness experience. Ask the advice of our massage therapist, take advantage of his professionalism and choose which massage best suits your needs:

  • relaxing massage
  • sports massage
  • oriental massage
  • therapeutic massage

and many other massage types, such as a localized treatment to relieve tension from a long journey or a stressed period.

From 30 to 50 minutes, you will be able to best personalize your moment of wellness.

Dolphin watching at sunset

An exciting and unforgettable experience, encountering dolphins is definitely the most sought-after and most rewarding excursion!

A community of bottlenose dolphins has happily settled in the waters of Golfo Aranci. The reason is the fish farming plant near the island of Figarolo where numerous dolphin families feed around the farming plant. It will be very easy to spot these elegant and delightful animals, and watch them jump out of the water and play around the boat at sunset. The excursion offers a tour around Figarolo island, and a swim for those who want to cool off, plus a pleasant aperitif on board, to fully enjoy not only the dolphins company, but also the wonderful colors of the sun setting over the sea of Golfo Aranci.

Scuba diving & snorkeling

The amazing waters of Sardinia are even more beautiful if you dive into the blue. Scuba diving is easy and fun, we will help you find the best dive centers to learn, if you are a beginner, or to improve your skills, and mostly, to live an unforgettable experience!

If you are attracted by the sea charm, you can rely on the experience of the fully equipped Diving Centers partners of Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro, welcoming all those who wish to do scuba diving boat excursions. Qualified PADI and ESA Instructors offer the opportunity to achieve all possible scuba diving certifications, for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Dives are possible around the marine protected area of Tavolara and Molara Islands, as well as the natural reserve of Figarolo and Capofigari and the Island of Mortorio, where you will find many species of underater marine flora and fauna.

These diving centers offer also boat excursions, where you will visit the close-by islands of Tavolara and Molara, with the possibility to go snorkeling around the granitic scenery offered by these islands, with the most stunning colors and shades of blue.

MuMart: the underwater Museum

MuMart, an acronym that stands for "Maritime Art Museum", is an underwater, submerged museum, with statues representing subjects related to the sea world, positioned on the sea-bottom of Golfo Aranci, the only one of its kind in Europe. 

Secured to the bottom of the sea, from 4 to 7 meters depth, you will find 14 statues by contemporary, international renowned artists such as Angi, Boero, Bricalli, Cardillo, Carloni, Chapalain, Ciccobelli, Cogorno, Kosice, Mustica, Nussbuam, Patterson, Polesello, Sturla. The magic, mesmerizing scenery surrounding these art pieces is only the blue water of the sea, with its changing, growing underwater marine fauna and flora. There are three ways to visit the underwater museum: with the yellow submarine of Golfo Aranci (yes, you got it, this is an experience within the experience, very entertaining, safe and dry if you have small children with you), scuba diving accompanied by the diving centers of Golfo Aranci, or easily by snorkeling with fins and mask, as the area is signed by buoys from the surface. The MuMart underwater museum is located on the outer portion of the lagoon of Terza Spiaggia beach, toward the open water but close enough to be reached from the beach if you are a good swimmer. You can easily spot the circle of buoys signing the Mumart Underwater Museum from the terrace of Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro.


Land excursions

Discover the hidden, breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia. Every day we can offer a new, exciting excursion in a comfortable, air-conditioned, seven-seater vehicle, accompanied by an local English-speaking guide, who will reveal the many secrets of the sardinian roots and ancient traditions.

Depending on your expectations and wishes, we can offer different adventure, as Sardinia is rich in events and festivities that you might want to discover.

Check out some of the main excursions we best recommend:

  • Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda, seen through unusual off-road routes
  • La Maddalena Archipelago, and the beauty of Caprera Island
  • The charm, mystery and traditions of Barbagia country sides and wild landscapes
  • Santa Teresa and Capo Testa areas, with their majestic cliffs shearing over the sea
  • Castelsardo and its Elephant rock
  • Alghero and its archeological, pre-historical sites
  • Corsica, Bonifacio and the mountain massif of Ospedale with it stunning pine forest

Trekking: natural parks & trails

From Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro, especially in the mildest seasons, you can embark on wonderful walking itineraries and reach suggestive sights of Sardinia.
Walk through the most varied and colorful landscapes, reach the wildest gorges, up to the highest peaks to enjoy incredible views, for an experience in full contact with nature. You can set the peace with your guide, if you prefer to be accompanied and discover the paths that best suit your workout level. You do not need to be experienced in order to take the many trails that leave from Golfo Aranci. The choice is wide and many itineraries give visitors the chance to visit prehistorical sites, such as the fascinating Nuraghe and the Giants' Tombs. You can choose to join an expert, local guide, many of whom are also well experienced in nordic walking, to take you onto the most peculiar, hidden routes, but also to listen to the fascinating history of many trekking and prehistoric sites.

Wine tour: tasting Sardinia

The history of wine in Sardinia dates back to ancient times, during the Iron Age between 900 and 750 b.C., as this is the land of the first red wine makers in the whole Mediterranean Sea, who produced and drank a distant relative of today's sardinian Cannonau red wine.

All over Sardinia, you will see rows of autochthonous vines, which show the great wine production of the Island. Numerous wine cellars offer a "work of art" wine tasting. You will see beautiful locations and cellars, where wine tasting is truly a unique experience. We propose three main, famous cellars:

  • the Surrau Cellar of Arzachena (Chilvagghja Town) - 30 minutes by car
  • Siddura Cellar in Luogosanto - 1 hour by car
  • Sella & Mosca Cellar of Alghero - almost 2 hours by car

"... I think that a great deal of happiness is given to men who were born where good wines are grown ..." (Leonardo de Vinci)