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4 Reasons To Choose Sardinia

Sardinia is the place that for more than half a century has entered into the tourists’ collective imagination, as a wonderful fantasy where the holiday dream is immersed, no longer intended as a place of just beach-sun-sea relax, but that has developed the seeking of a more complete involvement: the holiday offering the tourists multiple choices of highly professional activities, a Total Leisure Experience (TLE), aimed at satisfying both the motivation of a simple attraction (of culture, nature, adventure, event, food and wine, health, etc.) and the need for total satisfaction in the use of one's free time (accommodation, catering, typical products, etc). Let's see now how many and which are the precious treasures of Sardinia, available for those who want to discover them.

1. The Sea - Its coasts washed by the blue, emerald, green, or turquoise mirror of its crystal sea that laps its marvellous beaches; blue sea ... that blue of which Kandinsky, painter and cellist, said: From a musical point of view the light blue is like a flute, a darker blue a cello; a still darker a thunderous double bass; and the darkest blue of all — an organ.

2. The Sardinian Food and Wine - The food, vaunting numerous Slow Food presidia, such as the Casizolu cheese, the Shepherds’ Fiore Sardo and the Pecorino of Osilio, the citrus Pompia, (read about it: Sa Pompìa: the unique citrus of Sardinia), the meat of the Sardinian Modica cattle breed, and finally the fragrant and precious Saffron of San Gavino Monreale (discover it here: San Gavino Saffron), and also the sea products such as the Arselle di Marceddila (very special clams) or the Bottarga of Cabras (Bottarga: the golden caviar of Sardinia). Moreover, for the wine lovers, the wines of Sardinia are a real treasure to discover, appreciated all over the world, being awarded in 2019 the first prize of the Vinitaly 5StarWines - the Book 2019 (read more about this here: The precious wines of Sardinia).

3. The Craftmanship of the Sardinians -The exquisite handicraft of ceramics, carpets, fine goldsmith, basketry, and much more, that you can discover here: Sardinian craftmanship.

4. The Culture and History - There is so much to discover of its ancient history with the impenetrable charm of mysterious peoples, The Shardana: Warriors Of Sardinia,  who have left the amazing testimonies of the Nuraghi (see our blog article The Nuraghi: Ancient Heritage Of Sardinia of the Sacred Wells Plan a visit: Holy Wells & Sacred Springs and of the Tombs of the Giants scattered all over the island.  The atmosphere offered by the bizarre-shaped granite, moulded by the lashing waves on the coasts; by the aura coming from the Gennargentu Massif Supramonte of Sardinia; by the golden countryside and by the mystic peace inside the Romanesque Churches like The romanesque Church of San Simplicio in Olbia. Offered by the sound of the wind; by the orgoglio barbaricino (the pride of the people from the stunning and wild Barbagia area); by the colourful costumes; by the black masks of the Mamuthones (and all other masks that you can easily discover here: Masks of Sardinia & its spectacular folklore).

We truly hope we have been able to briefly present you with a broad view of introduction to "our" beloved Sardinia, within the light that radiates from the island-shaped as a footprint. "Ichnusa: footprint left in the middle of the sea by a god who then continued on his way without looking back". And again, "Great Green Island", when the ancient Mediterranean was so called by the Egyptians, and also "The Island of the Lapis Lazuli Sea", as the Mediterranean was called by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Only beautiful names full of visual emotion. 

Come, we are waiting for you.

We are Spaniards, Africans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians,

Romans, Arabs, Pisans, Byzantines, Piedmonteses.

We are the yellow-gold Genisteae scrolling down

on rocky trails as large lit lamps.

We are the wild solitude, the immense and deep silence,

the brightness of the sky, the white Cistus flower.

We are the uninterrupted kingdom of Lentisk,

of the waves mouldering the ancient granites,

of the canine rose,

of the wind, of the immensity of the sea.

We are an ancient land of long silences,

of wide and pure horizons, of dark plants,

of mountains burned by sun and revenge.

We are Sardinian.

(Grazia Deledda)


Written by Daniela Toti

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