Christmas & New Year's Eve In Sardinia Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture 0 Comments

Christmas & New Year's Eve In Sardinia

Christmas and New Year's holidays in Sardinia have always been the Family's reunion quality time, being many relatives often away from home because of their jobs: a beautiful occasion to finall...

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The Arbustus Tags: nature & landscape, traditions & folklore history & culture, food, 0 Comments

The Arbustus

While most of us know that the Arbutus is an evergreen sapling, typical of the Mediterranean scrub in Sardinia, perhaps not everyone knows that during the Italian Risorgimento&nbs...

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Beer In Sardinia Tags: arts & artisans, food, 0 Comments

Beer In Sardinia

A nice glass of cold beer on a sunny day and you feel it down your throat, taking away the dryness and switching it into a delicious and thirst-quenching bitterish taste while lying under the umbrell...

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Mother Of The Murdered: The Sardinian Piety Tags: personalities, history & culture, 0 Comments

Mother Of The Murdered: The Sardinian Piety

I n an extensive area of central-eastern Sardinia, rich in splendid mountains with steep walls, deep ravines, caves and caverns, where archaeological research is bringing to light the remains of the ...

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The Precious Wines Of Sardinia Tags: nature & landscape, history & culture, food, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

The Precious Wines Of Sardinia

The history of wine in Sardinia has very ancient origins. Iron Age’s Nuragic who lived on the island between 900 and 750 a. C. was the first red wine producers in the Mediterranean. This...

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Su Zinzulu: The Jujube Tags: nature & landscape, food, 0 Comments

Su Zinzulu: The Jujube

The vegetation in Sardinia is mainly formed by the Mediterranean scrub which includes holm oak, cork, phillyrea, arbutus and some species of juniper (high scrub), and the lentisk, the heather, the s...

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S'Intrumpa: The Gherradores Sardinian Wrestling Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, 0 Comments

S'Intrumpa: The Gherradores Sardinian Wrestling

The Sardinian fight, or S'Istrumpa , is a very ancient form of wrestling, perhaps the oldest of sports, handed down for millennia from generation to generation, as evidenced by the bronzes of the...

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Annarita Serra: Turning Trash Plastic Into Art Tags: personalities, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

Annarita Serra: Turning Trash Plastic Into Art

"I had two dreams in my life: working with art and saving the sea. I have discovered over the years that one helps me to fulfil the other, that art helps me to save the sea. I know that I am doing i...

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The Nuragic Well Of Morgongiori Tags: history & culture, 0 Comments

The Nuragic Well Of Morgongiori

The temple of Sa Scaba 'e Cresia is a hypogeic well-temple, an underground building of historical interest, in the ancient Sardinian region of Marmilla , in the Oristano province in Morgongiori...

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The Maddalena Archipelago Tags: nature & landscape, experiences & activities, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

The Maddalena Archipelago

The islands forming the Maddalena Archipelago - 62 counting islands and islets - were baptized by the Romans Cuniculariae Insulae , "middle islands", for their position between Sardinia and Cor...

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