The precious wines of Sardinia Tags: history, visit, food, experience, gourmet 0 Comments

The precious wines of Sardinia

The history of wine in Sardinia has very ancient origins. Iron Age’s Nuragic who lived on the island between 900 and 750 a. C. was the first red wine producers in the Mediterranean. This...

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The Maddalena Archipelago Tags: excursion, visit, diving, experience, sea, 0 Comments

The Maddalena Archipelago

The islands forming the Maddalena Archipelago - 62 counting islands and islets - were baptized by the Romans Cuniculariae Insulae , "middle islands", for their position between Sardinia and Cor...

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The sea as source of medicine Tags: activites, experience, golfo aranci, sea, 0 Comments

The sea as source of medicine

Guest arriving at Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites has chosen, among the many merits of the holiday, the sea. The sea is a casket of beneficial preciousness of which we do not know everythi...

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Porto Rotondo Tags: sardinia, history, excursion, walking, visit, activites, costa smeralda, experience, fun, sea, 0 Comments

Porto Rotondo

From Golfo Aranci: 13Km - 20 min. by car Porto Rotondo, under the municipality of Olbia, is with Porto Cervo a famous reality of Sardinian tourism for its summer attendance of Italian and interna...

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Sardinia: 2018 European Forest Island Award Tags: sardinia, excursion, walking, hiking, activites, experience, 0 Comments

Sardinia: 2018 European Forest Island Award

The Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites has always identified in Sardinia’s forest and woods heritage an integration to the sea for the promotion of its tourist-recreational offer. We are t...

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Discover Tavolara Island Tags: sardinia, excursion, hiking, visit, activites, diving, experience, golfo aranci, fun, sea, 0 Comments

Discover Tavolara Island

In front of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites Tavolara Island shows the side of its grandeur that, according to a mythological concept, would represent the ship of the Phaeacians, guilty of hav...

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The Tempio Pausania Carnival Tags: sardinia, history, visit, experience, 0 Comments

The Tempio Pausania Carnival

The Carnival of Tempio Pausania (in the dialect of Gallura " Carrasciali Timpiesu" ) is the most important allegorical Carnival of Sardinia. Both in Tempio, and in general in Gallura, carnival h...

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OROSEI: Saint Anthony Abate's Bonfire Tags: sardinia, history, visit, food, experience, fun, 0 Comments

OROSEI: Saint Anthony Abate's Bonfire

Orosei is located at the foot of a volcanic hill on the Cedrino river valley, an hour and a half from our Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, 100 km south. Historic capital of the southe...

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BYSSUS Tags: fish, sardinia, history, visit, activites, diving, experience, sea, 0 Comments


The encyclopaedia reads: “ B yssus is a textile fibre of animal origin, a sort of natural silk obtained from filaments secreted by a species of bivalve mollusks (Pinna nobilis), endemic in t...

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Discover the bread of Sardinia Tags: sardinia, sardegna, food, experience, gourmet, 0 Comments

Discover the bread of Sardinia

Familiarizing with the Sardinian bread world is a really interesting journey. Tourists generally know and appreciate the famous  Carasau bread in the form of a disc, also called "music pap...

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