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Scuba Diving in Golfo Aranci

Underwater flora and fauna have always been a subject of study for the human being. Every now and then we come across new discoveries regarding new species of sea organism that appeal researchers and “blue” passionate people.

The Island of Sardinia, and Golfo Aranci fishing town especially, is an ideal spot to practice scuba divingsnorkelling and the passion of underwater photography.

The underwater world surrounding this little fishermen town is stunning from the naturalistic point of view and can offer a huge variety of shoreline, lively and colourful sea bottom and Posidonia algae.

Few wrecks and historical archaeological findings are part of the underwater ecosystem and can be visited with experienced tour guides.

The undersea cliff is characterized by rock slides and boulders, where lots of octopusgroupersscorpionfish and other fish species take shelter, together with some venomous and colourful molluscs, the so-called nudibranch.

For those who wish to learn this amazing sport, Golfo Aranci offers several scuba diving centres to learn the skills and be certified as scuba diver: it is a very fun, healthy and rewarding activity for young and adults, and the Mediterranean is considered among the best places where to learn scuba diving in the world.

Many are the beautiful dive sites available nearby Golfo Aranci, and there are choices for all levels of divers and different landscapes to offer: rich flora and faunacaveswrecks, underwater statues and the Underwater Museum of the MuMart, and much much more.

All of the local diving centres are fully equipped and offer scuba diving lessons and certifications, excursions for certified divers as well as activities for those who wish to go snorkelling with a marine biologist and learn all about the bountiful ecosystem of Golfo Aranci Peninsula, Figarolo & Capo Figari as well as Tavolara Island and its marine protected area.

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