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Basketry: The Sardinian Baskets

In Sardinia, a land rich in aquatic plants, basketry is widespread. Even though there are still craftsmen who create mats and fences, manufacturing of baskets, corbule (decorative baskets) and punnets are the most widespread products. Fibres of rush, dwarf palm, asphodel, reeds, willow, myrtle, mastic, straw and hay are worked by the skilled hands of Sardinian women who turn them into baskets and other containers. Art is handed down from mother to daughter. Preparation of raw materials varies: asphodels are used dried in air cut inflorescences, dwarf palm leaves are dried in the sun before use, also the long reed stems are used dried in the sun. Hay is used to coat the flexible reed frames. Cane is first cut into strips and then intertwined, while of the willow tree are used only its long flexible branches.

In the borough of Castelsardo they use the raffia, the rush and the dwarf palm. Walking through the streets of the village you can find corners where the women of the village are creating their beautiful baskets. In the Oristano area (Tinnura, Flussio, Montresta) and Ollolai (of Nuoro area), the asphodel fibre is used; in San Vero Milis (Or) and at Ottana (Nu) they use rush, while at Sinnai (Ca) straw and reed are used. In all areas of Sardinia you can find wicker baskets obtained from willow, from the olive tree, from the mastic and from the cane, all baskets of great utilization. 

The basketry artisan products are executed with precision and attention up to the final stage of decorating with stars, flowers, chickens, the typical lapwings, dogs, deer and more themes. Tradition favors red for decorations, but they can be found in tone on tone, in black and few other colors.

When you visit a country, visit the forgotten artisans of the narrow streets because they are the ones who made that country! Do this, not to honor them but to honor yourself!” (Mehmet Murat Ildan)


Written by Daniela Toti

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