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10 Characters With Sardinia In The Heart

They were born in Sardinia, or they came to be acquainted with the island later on. However, they tied their existence to Sardinia, making it become an important part of their soul. The mythical heroism and wisdom of Eleonora and Giolzia, the two Nobel Prizes of Grazia and Guglielmo, the art of Annarita, Maria, Pinuccio and Enrico, the photographic lens of Marianne and the splendid vision, realized later on, of Karim . Exciting stories of 10 characters with Sardinia in their heart.

  1. Annarita Serra: turning trash plastic into art pieces  - Annarita, the Sardinian artist who transforms plastic waste into works of art, creates her compositions by taking from the sea of ​​Sardinia everything that returns to the beach: coins, plastic caps, PC keys, q-tips, coffee capsules, broken jewelry, metal covers, flip flops, broken toys, dolls' legs and arms, toy cars ...
  2. Eleanor of Arborea  - History and legend tell us of an exceptional woman: Eleonora, Judge of Arborea. Being ahead of times, a precursor, anticipated the rule of law with a civil and criminal code, the new "Carta de Logu" which, with its 198 chapters, is considered "the greatest legislative monument of medieval Sardinia".
  3. Giolzia the Warrior Princess - Between history and epic, here is the fascinating story of this feminine  Sardinian legend: Giolzia. Still young, she was sent by her family to a village near Monte Acuto and that land became her new home. Giolzia took care of the family possessions, looked after the flocks in the pastures, in the shearing, delivered the wool to the village women who spun and weaved it. She managed the finances of the kingdom by using the revenue for necessary works and improvements. She led her troops against Ubaldo of Gallura and took him prisoner.
  4. A Sardinian Nobel Prized Author: Grazia Deledda - "I am small, you know, I am small even in comparison to Sardinian women who are very small, but I am bold and brave like a giant and I do not fear intellectual battles." A small but immense woman. At 55, in 1926 in Stockholm, she received the Nobel Prize for literature, where she gave an unforgettable speech of thanks for the prize received.
  5. Guglielmo Marconi in Sardinia - By installing a radio system on the promontory of Capo Figari oriented towards an identical system installed in Rocca di Papa on the Lazio coast, Guglielmo Marconi led the transmission experiment, managing to connecting with the same equipment located on the other side of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  6. Maria Lai & the art of threads - She wanted to mend the world with the woven art of her threads ... an image that brings back to Ariadne's thread, to Penelope who spun, but above all to the magic of the Janas, the benevolent fairies of Sardinian folklore who spent time weaving the thread with a golden loom in the Domus de Janas
  7. Marianne Sin Pfältzer: open-air gallery in Golfo Aranci - She  was not Sardinian but chose Sardinia as her second home, where  she found her own dimension. Her choice of an archaic and ancestral refuge. A selection of her most beautiful and significant photographs, mostly in black and white, are now a permanent urban exhibition in the old village of Golfo Aranci, telling the fishermen’s community history.
  8. Pinuccio Sciola: Sardinian Sculptor and Muralist - Talking about the sculptor and musician Pinuccio Sciola is like telling a story of magical wonder. Sciola, the only sculptor who managed to make the stones sing, was a wonderful Sardinia and Sardinian culture testimonial in the western world. He claimed to have been born from a stone, from which he extracted his song.
  9. Karim Aga Khan and The Emerald Coast - In love with the beauty of the north-east coast of Sardinia, in 1960 he transformed Monti di Mola into "La Costa Smeralda". He captured the soul of the island and proudly made it known throughout the world, developing it touristically by designing the style of the Costa Smeralda with the use of local Gallura materials, such as granite and wood.
  10. Enrico Mereu, Sculptor Of Asinara - Decontamination, isolation, rare plant and animal species, were all sources of inspiration for the only inhabitant of the Asinara island, Enrico Mereu, sculptor of the sea wood. «In almost 40 years - he says - I have never cut a tree. I walk between the beaches and use wood that comes from Sardinia, Corsica or Spain» he is proudly stating.


Written by Daniela Toti

Photo Credit MARIANNE SIN-PFÄLTZER  - Open Gallery in Golfo Aranci

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