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7 Reasons Why I Choose Sardinia Today

Do I repeat myself? I sure do! My loyalty to Sardinia Island makes me feel "at home" here. I'll always be back because you never stop knowing this wonderful land to which I sometimes turn my thoughts as if it were a continent. And maybe it is? Someone says yes, with a fascinating hypothesis, that you can read here: Atlantis, the Centre of the World and ... Sardinia! But my fidelity is given by the cultural richness of an island that has an endless archaeological heritage; which has beautiful Romanesque churches to visit; who welcomed with Christian charity the remains of the castaways who perished overtime on its coasts; which houses pink flamingos; which has dry stone walls, an ancient art where each stone always finds the right place, which has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible World Heritage Site; where fashion is also interested in the world so full of culture and ancient beauty of the Sardinian island; and, last but not least, the sea, a treasure chest of beneficial preciousness of which we never know enough.

1 - Sardinia: not only sun, salt and sea

I love Sardinia for its sea, its beaches, its rocks, its climate, the Sardinia we all hear and know about, one of the seaside tourism, the one of food and wine tourism. Yet Sardinia is not just sun, sea and beach, wine and good food: it is primarily history and culture. And its charm is available to anyone who wants to see, only by travelling inland to discover the territory.

2 - The Romanesque Church of San Simplicio in Olbia

But is the interior of the Church, with three naves with seven pillars alternating with five columns (probably recovered from elsewhere), that the visitor’s soul is captured. Entering in San Simplicio an infinite peace is suffusing one’s soul, the same serenity that for thousand years all visitors shared by feeling this same emotion arriving here.

3 - The English Cemetery in Golfo Aranci

In the direction of Capo Figari, behind Cala Greca, past by the stunning beach of Cala Moresca, (only 5 kilometres far from the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites), there is a small cemetery called "Cimitero degli Inglesi", the English Cemetery.

4 - Sa Genti Arrubia: pink flamingos of Sardinia

Sa Genti Arrubia, as the pink flamingos are called in Sardinia, have been living on the island for generations thanks to the humid and uncrowded areas that are the right habitat for these very special fowls. They move in quite numerous groups and are very shy and fearful.

5 - A world's heritage: dry-stone walls

Carefully picked by the callous peasants' hands while cleaning the land to be cultivated, for centuries the stones were neatly placed on top of each other to get the low walls where the air does not find obstacles and blows through, where the humidity is rightly drained creating all over the place the optimal environment for micro-flora and micro-fauna.

6 - Vogue's photo-shooting among Sardinia's Nuraghe

The archaic atmosphere opposed to the beauty of Haute Couture is fascinating. The photo-shooting succeeds to let us imagine the scent of mastic and moss that a delicate breeze enjoys carrying among the stones of the nuraghe and the fabric of Grace Anderson's dress.

7 - The sea as source of medicine

"Every time in front of the sea I open myself to the gifts of air, and the colours and shapes and vibrations enter and exit from my chest as easily as they cross a window


Written by Daniela Toti

Photo: Figarolo Island as seen from Cala Moresca - photo credits @Laura Mor


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