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7 Tours You Cannot Forget

There are places that endure deep in the heart. During the first years when full of curiosity, I explored the north of Sardinia during my holidays, I selected 7 tours that have contributed to fuelling my love for the sea of ​​Sardinia and will always remain in my eyes for their colours and their beauty and in my heart for their scents of resin, sea and wind.

  1. The Pink Beach Of Budelli

Famous is its beautiful Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach), in Cala di Roto, south-east of the island. It owes its name to the characteristic coral pink colour of the sand of the shoreline. The peculiarity of its colouring is due to a pink micro-organism, Miniacina miniacea, whose shells are minced by the water and wind action. 

  1. Porto Cervo: The Heart Of Costa Smeralda

Prince Shah Karīm al-Husaynī, better known as the Aga Khan, seduced by Sardinia, in the '60s managed to realize his dream by buying those poor and sterile lands kissed by the wonderful emerald colour of the sea, developing the tourist complex of the Costa Smeralda, of which Porto Cervo, is the main centre.

  1. Porto Rotondo: A Venetian Town For VIPs

The village the young Luigino Donà dalle Rose had dreamed of was on the seaside and had to expand around a square, round like the port, naturally ring-shaped. In fact, it was called Poltu Ridundu, a natural beautiful marina surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean scrub, between the Gulf of Marinella and the Gulf of Cugnana. 

  1. Porto Rafael

A full-of-charm architecture made up of small white-plated houses with soft and curved shapes, with an inset not conflicting with the wild nature of the land fragranced by the sea and the Mediterranean Scrub, being in perfect fusion with its natural context.

  1. The Maddalena Archipelago

Someone hypothesizes it was the mythical land of the Lestrigoni, a population of anthropophagous giants who killed all Ulysses’ sailors piercing them through with huge spits, while Ulysses, who remained on his anchored ship, escaped death.

  1. Discover Tavolara Island

Tavolara, the smallest kingdom in the world. In 1836 the king of Sardinia, Carlo Alberto of Savoia, noticed the unknown island and decided to land there. Presenting himself as the king of Sardinia, Giuseppe Bertoleoni, surrounded by golden goats, replied: "And I am the king of Tavolara!" Amazed, Carlo Alberto officially confirmed this title. 

  1. Caprera: Garibaldi's Sardinian Island

He had fallen in love with his island. Whether it was beaten by the storm and the strong westerly winds or by the breath of the wind that brought with it the sound of the washing of the sea on the coast, and the resinous scent of the Mediterranean scrub, Caprera had seized his soul and he elected it to live, meditate and die in.


by Daniela Toti

In the photo: the Church of Stella Maris and the landscape of Porto Cervo

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