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8 Nature and Territory Experiential Trips

Following the perfect tourism philosophy, those who visit Sardinia have understood that it is not only about Sun, Salt, Sea and Food & Wine but that they can also find so much Nature, History and Archaeology within our Island, being so unique. And so, taking away just half a day time from the beautiful beach or the inviting swimming pool of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, here are some destinations that could really be interesting to the modern tourist who is also looking for something experiential as part of a holiday, the Total Leisure Experience. We offer you some of the many that we have already written about in this blog.

  1. Olbia Seafront – (18 km / 20 min drive)

The Olbia Seafront, the Lungomare, previously frequented only by Olbia residents, today has become a welcoming lounge that expands and embellishes the city, among green spaces and cycle-pedestrian paths to be lived in the open air.

  1. The Valley Of The Moon Of Capo Testa – (72 km and 1h 15 min drive)

With the granite smoothed by the wind and the sea and where the scent of the Mediterranean maquis dominates and the water is the crystalline sea of ​​Sardinia, it truly looks like a lunar landscape, because it's stones which, especially at night, tending towards white, give precisely this perception.

  1. Thiesi: Sas Picas de Monte ‘E Mesu - (125 km and 1 h 40 min drive)

Sas Picas de Monte 'E Mesu dates c. 1700-700 BC. Sas Picas in Sardinian means "The basins" and this is what you’ll find climbing the ridge of Mount 'E Mesu, at the top of which there is a magical Nuragic place. A large flat boulder which has three basins dug in sequence on the rock, two not so deep square ones and a deeper third of the shape of a truncated cone. What will they be used for we still don't know.

  1. Porto Torres - Turris Libisonis – (144 km and 2h 15 min drive far)

The ancient Roman city of Turris Libisonis, founded in the centre of the Gulf of Asinara at the mouth of the Mannu river, has wonderful Roman finds, while today it enjoys of the 1998 tourist relaunch of the Gulf when the foundation of the National Park of Asinara was set up.

  1. The Lake Omodeo - (160 km and 2 h drive)

With the construction of the new dam built between 1982 and 1997, being a largest reservoir, what had not been inundated from the reservoir of the first dam, now is underwater. But during the dry season, a casket of submerged treasures emerges from the Lake Omodeo water: Tombs of the Giants, Domus de Janas, the Serra Linta Pre-Nuragic settlement, a 20-million-year-old fossil forest, the remains of the Zuri village. And finally, with a silt-powdered beauty, there is the Ghost House, which reappears in times of drought and disappears when the water level rises back.

  1. Bau Mela Natural Pools – (164 km and 2h drive)

At the foot of the Gennargentu, in upper Ogliastra, a masterpiece of nature appears: the Bau Mela Natural Pools smoothed by the water and surrounded by the greenery of an ancient and majestic oaks forest, amid the scent of the Mediterranean Scrub.

  1. The "Borgo dei Borghi" Challenge (Cabras) - (208 km and 2h 30 min drive)

In the splendid Sinis peninsula, the Borough of Cabras holds archaeological wonders and splendid naturalistic treasures: environment and culture. But the greatest archaeological discovery was made in Mont'e Prama, where The Giants Statue Complex was unearthed. A fifth of the territory is occupied by the Cabras pond, which is home to Sa Genti Arrubia, the pink flamingos of Sardinia.

  1. The Valley of the Moon of Aggius (80 km and 1 h 15 min drive)

A barren and fascinating vastness of rocks, also called "The Great Stones Valley", where enormous blocks of granite, shaped over the millennia by wind and rain, make the valley seem as a lunar landscape.

“I have lived with the winds, with the woods, with the mountains. I watched for days, months and years the slow unfolding of the clouds on the Sardinian sky."
(Grazia Deledda)


Written by Daniela Toti

Photo Giovanni Marongiu Museum of Cabras


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