Romanzesu Nuragic Village Sanctuary’s Labyrinth

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Sardinia, a magical treasure chest of precious splendors and wonderful legacies of the Nuragic civilization, gives us the Romanzesu Nuragic Village Sanctuary near Bitti (NU), 1 and a half hour and 9...


Pauli Arbarei: The Land of Giants

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The topic really fascinates me: did the Giants exist in Sardinia or they didn’t? Why are the Tombs of the Giants called this way? Who were the Giants of Monte Prama? In 4000-1600 BC the ave...


The Route Of 100 Towers

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The Sardinian coastal towers are fortified constructions that used to be a defense, sighting and communication system along the coasts of the island, from the early Middle Ages (period between 476 a...


Olbia Seafront

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The new Olbia ’s seafront is today a city pride that has redefined its urban image with the redevelopment of the seafront after a long and troubled restyling. For the guest of the G...