Tiscali's Nuragic Village

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Tiscali, the well-known Sardinian telecommunication company, founded in 1998 by Renato Soru, is well known to most of Italians, but perhaps not everyone knows that the company owes its name to t...


Was Christophers Columbus Sardinian?

Kategorien Personalities History & Culture     Tags personalities history & culture    0 Comments Was Christophers Columbus Sardinian?

I remember that Sister Anna Concetta, my elementary school teacher, always reminded us on October 12th of the discovery of America by Ligurian Christopher Columbus who, with his famous three caravel...


Sa Pompìa: The Unique Citrus Of Sardinia

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In mid-November the Competition for  2019 Best Panettone in the World  took place in Rome, meaning that the  panettone  is now belonging not only to Milan's history and tradi...


Christmas & New Year's Eve In Sardinia

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Christmas and New Year's holidays in Sardinia have always been the Family's reunion quality time, being many relatives often away from home because of their jobs: a beautiful occasion to finall...


The Arbustus

Kategorien Traditions & Folklore Nature & Landscape History & Culture Food     Tags traditions & folklore nature & landscape history & culture food    0 Comments The Arbustus

While most of us know that the Arbutus is an evergreen sapling, typical of the Mediterranean scrub in Sardinia, perhaps not everyone knows that during the Italian Risorgimento&nbs...