Babbay Nou El: was Santa Claus Sardinian?

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" Jingle Bells Jingle Bells "'s time! The Nativity scene is ready, the resin scent of the Christmas Tree fills the air and Santa Claus is almost here. However, someone wondered why is ...


Teodoro Levi Archaeologist 

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A personality, the one of Teodoro Levi, known as Doro, who loved Sardinia very much and gave an important contribution to the archaeological research of what he perceived to be one of the most impor...


The Omodeo Lake

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The Omodeo Lake, the largest artificial basin in Europe, is a casket of submerged treasures: Tombs of the Giants, Domus de Janas, a Pre-Nuragic settlement of Serra Linta, a 20 million-year-old fossil...