The Sardinian Stones Tags: hiking & trekking 0 Comments

The Sardinian Stones

About 25 million years ago Sardinia detached itself from the continent. The north-eastern region of Gallura is formed by granite, a plutonic magmatic rock, which cooled and crystallized almost 300 m...

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Nule & the Sardinian Carpets Tags: traditions & folklore, 0 Comments

Nule & the Sardinian Carpets

The Sardinian carpet is not only the floor rug: in Sardinia it is woven and used also to cover the wooden chests. Its origins seem to be very far, starting with the mats that were already woven in th...

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Plan a visit: Holy Wells & Sacred Springs Tags: history & culture hiking & trekking, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

Plan a visit: Holy Wells & Sacred Springs

In many cultures, water is regarded as holy and symbolizes purification.  In animist cults, water is a sacred gift to be respected and honoured. In the Hindu tradition, the main holy places are...

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