Posada: a tour of medieval boroughs Tags: history & culture 0 Comments

Posada: a tour of medieval boroughs

A half hour drive and 64 km far from  Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites , Posada is a small pearl worth to be discovering. The town rises on a hill culminating with the tower of the ...

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The Sardinian Stones Tags: hiking & trekking, 0 Comments

The Sardinian Stones

About 25 million years ago Sardinia detached itself from the continent. The north-eastern region of Gallura is formed by granite, a plutonic magmatic rock, which cooled and crystallized almost 300 m...

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Nule & the Sardinian Carpets Tags: traditions & folklore, 0 Comments

Nule & the Sardinian Carpets

The Sardinian carpet is not only the floor rug: in Sardinia it is woven and used also to cover the wooden chests. Its origins seem to be very far, starting with the mats that were already woven in th...

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Plan a visit: Holy Wells & Sacred Springs Tags: history & culture, hiking & trekking, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

Plan a visit: Holy Wells & Sacred Springs

In many cultures, water is regarded as holy and symbolizes purification.  In animist cults, water is a sacred gift to be respected and honoured. In the Hindu tradition, the main holy places are...

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Discover Tavolara Island Tags: hiking & trekking, experiences & activities, golfo aranci, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

Discover Tavolara Island

In front of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites Tavolara Island shows the side of its grandeur that, according to a mythological concept, would represent the ship of the Phaeacians, guilty of hav...

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Eleanor of Arborea Tags: history & culture, 0 Comments

Eleanor of Arborea

When it comes to her, the edging between reality and mythology is not always clear.  Both history and legend tell of an exceptional woman: Eleanor, Iudex of Arborea. Around the middle of 1300, S...

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Porto Rafael Tags: costa smeralda, 0 Comments

Porto Rafael

" To dream is to live, Count's word! " The noble Count de Berlanga Rafael Neville, born in Malaga in 1926, after travelling among Spain, Morocco, England and France, one night had a drea...

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San Gavino Saffron Tags: food, 0 Comments

San Gavino Saffron

The San Gavino Saffron has organoleptic properties unique in the world for its colouring power, its flavour, its aroma and for its therapeutic properties, that deserved the recognition of the ...

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The Tempio Pausania Carnival Tags: entertainment - nightlife - music, traditions & folklore, history & culture, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

The Tempio Pausania Carnival

The Carnival of Tempio Pausania (in the dialect of Gallura " Carrasciali Timpiesu" ) is the most important allegorical Carnival of Sardinia. Both in Tempio, and in general in Gallura, carnival h...

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ORISTANO'S SARTIGLIA - an historic equestrian competition Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

ORISTANO'S SARTIGLIA - an historic equestrian competition

The Sartiglia is an equestrian competition that takes place in Oristano on the last Carnival Sunday (under the protection of St. John the Baptist, protector of farmers) and on Mardi Gras (under ...

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