Treasures of magic origin: the "Janas" of Sardinia Tags: landscape peculiarities, superstions, nuragic civilization, culture, heritage, roots, history, excursion, visit, activites 0 Comments

Treasures of magic origin: the "Janas" of Sardinia

Sardinia, besides being such a beautiful place worth to be visited and experienced, is also magical. Magical is the color of the sea, magical is the bursting of stories silence of the mountains, the ...

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Giara's plateau & its wild horses Tags: landscape peculiarities, nuragic civilization, excursion, walking, hiking, visit, activites, 0 Comments

Giara's plateau & its wild horses

If you have come to Sardinia and you have been conquered by this breathtaking, wonderful land full of natural allure, from the sea to the mountains, from the vegetation to the numerous archaeologica...

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The cork Tags: landscape peculiarities, craftmanship, tradition, excursion, 0 Comments

The cork

On both sides of the road, oak woods follow one another and the nude tree trunks are brick-red where they have been already harvested. We are going to Tempio Pausania , the capital of Gallura, an...

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Berchidda and its surroundings Tags: landscape peculiarities, nuragic civilization, personalities, culture, music, entertainment, heritage, museum, tasting, history, excursion, walking, visit, 0 Comments

Berchidda and its surroundings

Just 60 km far and an hour by car from the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites ,  Berchidda deserves indeed a trip to appreciate one of the places where landscape, history and traditions com...

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Giolzia the Warrior Princess Tags: landscape peculiarities, personalities, history, excursion, walking, 0 Comments

Giolzia the Warrior Princess

The remains of a fortress dating back to the medieval period (10th-11th century), on Mount Limbara, are located in a place called Giolzia. Within history and epic, here is the fascinating story of th...

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