The Sardinian Stones Tags: nature & landscape, hiking & trekking, experiences & activities 0 Comments

The Sardinian Stones

About 25 million years ago Sardinia detached itself from the continent. The north-eastern region of Gallura is formed by granite, a plutonic magmatic rock, which cooled and crystallized almost 300 m...

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Porto Rafael Tags: nature & landscape, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

Porto Rafael

" To dream is to live, Count's word! " The noble Count de Berlanga Rafael Neville, born in Malaga in 1926, after travelling among Spain, Morocco, England and France, one night had a dre...

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San Gavino Saffron Tags: nature & landscape, food, 0 Comments

San Gavino Saffron

The San Gavino Saffron has organoleptic properties unique in the world for its colouring power, its flavour, its aroma and for its therapeutic properties, that deserved the recognition of the ...

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Scuba Diving In Golfo Aranci Tags: nature & landscape, experiences & activities, golfo aranci, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

Scuba Diving In Golfo Aranci

Underwater flora and fauna have always been a subject of study for the human being. Every now and then we come across new discoveries regarding new species of sea organism that appeal researchers and...

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Capo Figari & Figarolo Island Tags: nature & landscape, history & culture, hiking & trekking, experiences & activities, golfo aranci, 0 Comments

Capo Figari & Figarolo Island

Golfo Aranci is not only famous for its stunning beaches and pristine seawater. This tiny fishermen village has a lot more to offer. Trekking through the beautiful Mediterranean scrub is a valid al...

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