Christmas & New Year's Eve in Sardinia Tags: superstions, culture, music, heritage, tradition, history 0 Comments

Christmas & New Year's Eve in Sardinia

Christmas and New Year's holidays in Sardinia have always been the Family's reunion quality time, being many relatives often away from home because of their jobs: a beautiful occasion to finall...

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Singers of Sardinia Tags: personalities culture, music, entertainment, heritage, tradition, history, 0 Comments

Singers of Sardinia

During the superb holidays spent at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, Sardinian songs are an experience to take home as it’s comparable to the sun: it lingers on the skin and then remai...

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Berchidda and its surroundings Tags: landscape peculiarities, nuragic civilization, personalities, culture, music, entertainment, heritage, museum, tasting, history, excursion, walking, visit, 0 Comments

Berchidda and its surroundings

Just 60 km far and an hour by car from the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites ,  Berchidda deserves indeed a trip to appreciate one of the places where landscape, history and traditions com...

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