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Diving in Golfo Aranci

An underwater treasure

Underwater flora and fauna have always been subject of study for human being. Every now and then we come across new discoveries regarding new species of sea organism, that appeal researchers and “blue” passionate people.

Our Island, and Golfo Aranci in particular, is an ideal spot to practice scuba diving, snorkeling and photo sub.
The underwater world surrounding the little fishermen’s town is stunning from the naturalistic point of view and can offer a huge variety of shore line, sea bottom and Posidonia algae.

Few Wreckages and historical archeological findings are part of the underwater ecosystem and can be visited with experienced tour guides.

The undersea cliff is characterized by cleft and plates, where lots of octopus, groupers, scorpion fish and other fish species take shelter, together with some venomous and colorful mollusks, the so called sea jewels.

The beauty of our pristine water is celebrated with a photographic competition. All the works can be admired at the Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro, where an exhibition take place every year.

The IN&OUT “Below and Above the sea of Golfo Aranci” is an event that best represents the stunning environment in which the town is integrated.

The competition has an original formula with undersea and above sea pictures, all taken around the Cape Figari’s promontory.

The event is not only a photographic competition, but also a great communication and information opportunity to show and promote our beautiful environment with people and companies of great significance.

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