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Figari International Fishing Cup

International Fishing Cup - Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is ready to welcome the third edition of the “Figari International Fishing Cup”.

What’s the origin of this important international trawler fishing?

Everything began in Cuba, in the island’s biggest and important tourist port: The Hemingway Marina. The 26th May 1950, 36 of the Avana’s best fishing boats sailed through the Castillo del Morro strait. Among the several fishing boats, there was the “Pilar” owned by the famous writer Ernest Hemingway.

A group of fisherman decided to name the competition “Hemingway” because of his love for fishing. Hemingway won the first three competitions. Hemingway’s big passion inspired him to write his masterpiece of literature, “The old man and the sea”, winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize the year after.

In 1978 several international guests were invited and a new inspiration guided the competition: from now on the winner must demonstrate not only huge fishing abilities, but also the respect and protection of nature and fish species. In 1997 a new feature was introduced during the Hemingway competition, the “Tag and Release” technique, saving the life of thousand of swordfish.

Nowadays the “Ernest Hemingway international competition” is one of the world biggest and old salt water tournament.

Today one of Cuba’s district has its name, the “Hemingway’s Marina”, where the Hemingway International Nautical Club is based.

The Golfo Aranci Municipality decided to have a close link with the fishing reality of Cuba, in order to have an international approach and wide appeal for its own fishing tournament, the “Cape Figari”.

The very first step was moved during the first edition. The tournament director was the Commodore of the “Hemingway Nautical Club”, Mr Josè Miguel Diaz Escrich. Later on Mr Escrich asked the Golfo Aranci’s major, Giuseppe Fasolino, to join the Marlin fishing competition that took place in Avana, Cuba.

The major accepted the invitation and flew to Cuba where he took part to the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the Club and the 63rd edition of the Hemingway trophy. The treaty was undersigned in the Avana’s headquarter in front of the local Press, Tv and several internet websites.

In June the 64th edition of the fishing tournament took place in Cuba; 22 fishing boats took part on behalf of Cuba, USA, Canada, France, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Bermuda, Porto Rico, Venezuela and Cayman.

From the 29th until the 31st August Golfo Aranci will host the third edition of the Figari International Fishing Cup.

This is the final rank of the Figari International Fishing cup, Second Edition:
1) Reina del Mar
2) Dada
3) Sara

For those not so keen on fishing, the trawler fishing is a sport fishing technique where the fishermen cast their specific rods, artificial and live baits, while the boat is moving.

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