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In&Out 2014

Photography Competition - Golfo Aranci

In few days Sardinia will host the 4th edition of the “In&Out, Under and Above the Sea of Gallura” photography competition.

The event has been organized by “SlowDive”, a cultural, sport and amateur Association, in cooperation with ACSI Olbia and ESA Worldwide.

The Golfo Aranci Council, the Province of Olbia-Tempio and the Sardinia Region are the event’s main sponsorships.

The event will take place in Golfo Aranci, during the 10-12 October weekend.

The winner of the competition will be the one who best represents the Golfo Aranci’s territory, above and under the sea, through the art of photography.

All the pictures have to be taken around Cape Figari sea bottom, which is famous worldwide for its beauty, pristine and clear waters and for the multiple and various fish species living the area.

The “land” subject will focus on the most striking places of the area around the Golfo Aranci’s municipality.

The main categories are: “in&out reflex”, “in&out compact” and “only land”.

The competitors enrolled for the first and second category must present 6 shots, 3 of which taken underwater, and 3 above the sea.

The “battle field” chosen for the competition is the so called “Amphitheater”, Cape Figari promontory, and will last two days.

The winners of the “reflex and compact” categories will be rewarded with a 1000 Euros price. The “only land” winner will receive 500 Euro.

This year, the “land only” shots will be inspired by the less famous places of the area, but as much stunning as the well-known one.

The underwater shots will be taken in specific areas, designated by the Organization.

Beside the photography competition, some of the most famous Organizations and naturalists, such as Adriano Occhi, Egidio Trainito, Mario Genovesi, Anna and Settimo Cipriani, Claudio Grazioli, Miho Tsuruoka, Marco Colombo, Claudio Giulianini and Mario Romor will be more than welcome to give interesting information regarding the environment.

Gianfranco Vitali of the “Historical Diving Society” will set up a show in the “Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro”, where historical and high-tech scuba equipment will be displayed.

The 2014 In&Out edition has also a charity value, thanks to people like Claudio Giulianini, an official spokesman of Divers for Africa, the association that provides sophisticated devices to help medical divisions to nurse and attend several patients.

The territory knowledge and its discovery will lead the event, and new activities will be added on, such as free trials for scuba diving, canoeing and events tailored for children.

All changes and improvements to the regulation have been designed to allow the participants to express themselves at high levels and to the benefit of work’s quality in front of the judges and public.

A union of forces with the same purpose: passion for scuba diving, solidarity, photography and sport, together with knowledge, development and respect for the environment.

Thursday 9th October
19:00 “Aula Consiliare”, Council of Golfo Aranci:
- Event introduction with coordinators
- Egidio Trainito’s work projection

Friday 10th October
- 7:00 Domo mea: participants meeting, enrollment “in&out” (30 Euros) and equipment control.
- 8:30 Golfo Aranci’s fishermen port: departure for the designated challenge area.
- 9:00 Domo mea: participants meeting, enrollment “only land” (20 Euros) and equipment control.
- 9:00 Snorkeling and scuba challenge starts.
- 12:00 End of challenge and memory card delivery.
- 16:00 Domo mea: 3 underwater shots (fish, macro and environment) delivery.
- 21:30 Tensostruttura “La Piccola” square: Marco Colombo’s work projection.

Saturday 11th October
- 11:00 Domo mea: end of “only land” challenge and memory card delivery.
- 13:00 Domo mea: deadline to deliver the 3 “only land” shots.
- 15:00 “La Spigola” Restaurant’s park: event for children “Discover the underwater photography”.
- 21:30 Tensostruttura “La Piccola” square: Anna and Settimio Cipriani’s under water pictures projection.
Sunday 12th October
- 10:00 Tensostruttura “La Piccola” square: Award ceremony and thanksgiving.

- From Friday on, along the Golfo Aranci’s esplanade, a rich exhibition of underwater equipment will be displayed (by HDS Italia).
- The “only land” competitors can start and finish at any time within arranged timetable and at the presence of judges.
- Underwater pictures can be taken by both scuba divers and snorkelists.
- This program can be amended according to improvement changes. It’s advisable to check it every now and then.
- The program will include shows, exhibitions and side events.
- The Domo Mea social centre is located in Via Libertà 74, Golfo Aranci.

Some news about the judges:

CIPRIANI: Settimio Cipriani is one of the most influent representative of the national and international underwater photography. Settimio has been the underwater photo world champion for 5 times and for 4 times he has been the Ustica World Cup champion. In Antibes he won 4 Gold Plongè and a silver one. During his brilliant career, he has even won a competition with a plastered leg!

GIULIANINI: Claudio Giulianini is not only a long-time judge of photography competitions, but also a CDC/CMAS teacher and supervisor. He wrote an underwater photography handbook and he is a member of the Divers of Africa. The Association also get the royalties from his handbook.

GRAZIOLI: Claudio Grazioli is a first, second and third level underwater photography ESA instructor. He wrote the Photography Handbook together with Egidio Trainito. He also took part and won several national competition. His huge passion for photography has always guided him to the organization of exhibitions and underwater photo competitions. Nowadays he organizes several workshop about the diving art of photography and its techniques. He contributes to several marine biology websites and he's the creator of “Relitti Fanatic Wrecker”.

TRAINITO: Egidio Trainito is a naturalist, journalist, writer and diver of first, second and third level. Egidio is a PADI master instructor, MFA instructor and instructor of specific activities, such as marine biology and archeology. He is the chairperson of the “Associazione Diving Sardi” (Sardinia Diving). He collaborates with RAI television and he writes several books and handbooks about underwater nature and photography.

OCCHI: Adriano Occhi is a OWI ESA instructor. He took part to the 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Italian underwater photography championship. He is a member of "The Historical Diving Society Italia" and he has already done more than 1000 scuba diving. COLOMBO: Marco Colombo is a naturalist and photographer who contributes to the "Catalogo Multimediale delle Specie". With one of his shots he won the first prize at the "Wildlife Photographer of the year 2011". Colombo is also a writer for scientific publications and he organizes exhibitions and conferences with his masterpieces.

GENOVESI: Mario Genovesi cooperates with the "Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva ed Attività Subacquee", taking care of the underwater photography aspect. He has also been the judge and chairman in several Italian competitions. Today, Genovesi is the Fipsas Director of photography. In 2011 he guided the Italian underwater photography team to the world championship, held in Turkey.

ROMOR: Mario Romor is the ESA founder, the only didactic diving born in Sardinia and active worldwide. He is part of the ESA Instructor Course Director and from 1984 he works full time in the recreational diving area.

SPIGA: Alessandro Spiga was born in Cagliari in 1975. From an early age he had a passion for nature and for the aquatic world. He became interested in photography because he thought it was a fantastic technique to represent the spectacular evolution of the living world. He made grow this knowledge with his degree in Natural Sciences. He speaks of photography as a great art form, which allowed he to discovered small and big secrets: first of all its great versatility. Everything can be photographed with passion: nature, as well as the man and his expressions. Today, with his images, he capture everything that surrounds him and in particular, what may describe his land, Sardinia.

TSURUOKA: The Japanese Miho Tsuruoka lives in Sardinia and he has done more than 1600 scuba diving worldwide. He periodically takes part to the training programs for ESA instructors.

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