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MuMart - Underwater Art Museum

MuMart, an acronym that stands for "Maritime Art Museum", is an underwater museum with statues representing subjects related to the sea world, positioned on the sea-bottom of Golfo Aranci, the only one of its kind in Sardinia.

Secured to the bottom of the sea, from 4 to 7 meters deep, there are the works of 14 contemporary artists all of international fame (Alex Angi, Renata Boero, Roberto Bricalli, Rimmer Cardillo, Franco Carloni, Emmanuel Chapalain, Bruno Ceccobelli, Santiago Cogorno, Gyula Kosice, Nino Mustica, Peter Nussbaum, Ben Patterson, Rogelio Polesello e Luiso Sturla). The incomparable scenery surrounding the works is the blue water with the magic of the fauna and flora of the gulf’s marine world.

The area of the MuMart is signed by a circle of buoys floating on the surface of the pristine waters outside the Terza Spiaggia Beach in Golfo Aranci.

3 are the possible ways to visit the Underwater Museum: you can visit it staying dry and comfortable thanks to the glass-bottom yellow submarine Mizar I which is running only in Summer and it leaves from the harbour of Golfo Aranci. Tickets are available in town or with the Concierge service of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites).

Otherwise, one can go by snorkelling (fins, mask and a good snorkel are recommended) or accompanied by the equipped and experienced guides of the local diving centres.

Giuseppe Fasolino, long-time Mayor of Golfo Aranci, comments: "...this museum is born to provide accessible art to the public as well as attracting tourists through culture."


written by Daniela Toti


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