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Rally Costa Smeralda 2014

33° Rally Costa Smeralda – Sardinia

Engines are running, ready to start the 33rd edition of the Rally Costa Smeralda!

The 4th August the enrollment procedure for challenger opened to the public. The most awaited race of the season has arrived! The Rally, sponsored by the “Federazione Automobilistica Italiana CSAI”, will take place from the 4th to the 6th September 2014.

There’s no doubt that the success of the competition is due to the magnificent environment that surround the race tracks. All international pilots are inspired by this challenge because it is a great occasion to combine sport and nature.

The Rally Costa Smeralda 2014 will be supported by the 1st Rally Costa Smeralda Vintage, 1st Baja Costa Smeralda, the 1st Regolarità Sport Rally Costa Smeralda (dedicated to the vintage sport cars), 1st Rally Costa Smeralda All Stars (historic cars) and the 1st Trofeo Costa Smeralda Social Karting 2014.

The Rally Costa Smeralda Vintage is not only a sport event, but also an important entertainment and music show, tailored to promote the Sardinian territory and its traditions.

The Rally Costa Smeralda Vintage is a unique occasion to show to the public historic and vintage cars like the “Lancia Stratos”, “Lancia Delta S4”, “Lancia Rally 037”, “Lancia Delta Integrale”, “Fiat 131 Abarth”, “Porche 911”, “Ascona”, “Manta” and the “Subaru WRC”.
  The 1st Baja Costa Smeralda (Cross Country Rallies) is a pure speed sport event with Time Trials on gravel roads, where the pilot’s ability and car’s reliability are constantly under pressure.

The two races are very similar to each other, but the Cross Country one has some variations in terms of paths and timing.

The competition agenda  is very busy, with plenty of events. The opening ceremony will take place the 5th September at the Olbia’s Urban Center, followed by the first Trial (La Sirenetta di Golfo Aranci) at 20.50 along the nice and elegant Golfo Aranci’s esplanade.

The paddock in Golfo Aranci allows the public to attend and live the race closer to everything is happening around it.

During the first day cars will drive through the Olbia’s historic city center, Corso Umberto. The cars participating are those who made the Rally Costa Smeralda one of the most important and appreciated worldwide.

Saturday 6th September, six special trials will take place along the most spectacular Sardinian’s paths: Filigosu, Pattada, Olbia, Graniti di Sardegna and Arzachena. The Time Trial is 100 km long for a grand total of 463 km.

The grand finale will take place the 6th September at 18 o’clock in Porto Cervo, the usual closing location of this great event.

The Rally Costa Smeralda has always been considered one of the most representative event in Sardinia, with high social, touristic and sport values. Its brand is well known worldwide, attracting millions of people along the years.

It’s an important project of territory marketing, with a remarkable economic return. During the press conference, that officially opened the competition, the importance of these kind of events has been underlined and described as a milestone for tourism and the overall economy of the island.

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