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The "Su Coccu"

The “Su Coccu",  is an amulet used to fight evil-eye, usually made of an onyx or obsidian black round stone, but also round turquoise stone or  coral are used, set between two little silver cups.

What exactly is the evil-eye? In some countries, especially in the south of Italy, it is believed that a maleficent glance has  the ability to cast an evil spell.

Since early times, the eye represents a kind of relationship with interiority and reflects our most secretive self: the eyes, or otherwise "the mirror of the soul."

While in ancient Egypt the eye of God Horus symbolizes prosperity, for the Christian world the eye inscribed in a triangle indicates God's omniscience and omnipresence.

From holy to profane, it is only a small step: the esoteric symbol "the Eye in the Triangle" protects against evil and sends it back to the source.

It is still believed that a glance can cast an illness to people, animals and plants, making them sick or even making them dye, or affecting their sentimental or financial sphere.

Special Healers with their know-how of “sa meixina de s'ogu, the eye medicine, are called to remove the evil-eye by identifying the evil presence and taking care of it with “is brebus, prayers, and water, usually holy water.

Evil-eye is a current superstition in Sardinia and amulets are used to prevent and cure evil-eye. The most common amulet is the "Su Coccu”.  While its function is the same throughout Sardinia, the name may vary in "Sa Sabegia" in the Campidano, "Pinnadellu" in Gallura and Logudoro, "Pinnadeddu" in Oristano area. The black stone intends to symbolize the ocular globe contrasting, as good eye, the badness of the evil-eye. Once wore on, the "Su Coccu" absorbs and neutralizes the harmful forces, it might even break if the evil-eye to fight is powerful.

In the past, it was customary to fix a brooch with the "Su Coccu" on the baby's cradles to defend them from anything that was negative. It was a gift from grandmothers or godmothers. Today "Su Coccu" is used in earrings, bracelets and as pendants in necklaces.

Interestingly, if a person is single, a red coral "Su Coccu" is suggested as it is said to attracting love.


Féli e invidia cosa fai

chi pulpa e ossu vói chilivrà?

Anda a l’azza di lu mari

e sulivrigghjia chi sali

e chistu lassalu sta.

Maria cu la Trinitai

ti ponghia li mani.

Gall and envy what do you do

Which pulp and bone do you want to humiliate?

Go by the sea

and melt like salt

and leave this creature alone.

Mary with the Trinity  

puts your hands on you.



Written by Daniela Toti

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