9 Sardinian Food Specialties

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There are areas of the planet called "blue zones", in which longevity is higher compared to other areas of the world and the over one hundred years old, who are lucky enough to live there, enjoy an ...

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Filu 'E Ferru, The Sardinian Grappa

Categories Traditions & Folklore Food     Tags: traditions & folklore food    0 Comments Filu 'E Ferru, The Sardinian Grappa

Born in Sardinia, an island of wide wine tradition, filu 'e ferru is "the" distillate of Sardinian grapes par excellence, 40 degrees, transparent, permeating the mouth and pleasing the nose for ...

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7 Reasons Why I Choose Sardinia Today

Categories Nature & Landscape History & Culture Golfo Aranci     Tags: nature & landscape history & culture golfo aranci    0 Comments 7 Reasons Why I Choose Sardinia Today

Do I repeat myself? I sure do! My loyalty to Sardinia Island makes me feel "at home" here.  I'll always be back because you never stop knowing this wonderful land to which I sometime...

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