Sardinia Towards UNESCO

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«The monuments of the Nuragic civilization have an attraction potential comparable in the Mediterranean only to the Pharaohs Egypt.  Some sites have been well enhanced (among which the N...

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The Mother Goddess Worship

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We wrote about The 4 "Ichnusa" Legends , where the origin of the ancient name of Sardinia always leads back to a sandal pattern. We have also assumed that it is the same imprint that Sardin...

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Mommotti, The Sardinian Children’s Boogie Man

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Here is the Boogie Man ! And doesn’t he have a plan He sneaks into your window You’d never know He watches you when you’re sleeping Around the corner he is creeping...

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Sardinia, So Unknown

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From this blog the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites aims to let our precious readers know and share the love we have for this island. An island, Sardinia,  so beautiful  and culturally...

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