Excursions: Hints & Ideas

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Discovering the beauties of Sardinia from Golfo Aranci Golfo Aranci is situated on a beautiful seaside, 20 km from Olbia Town  and just a few kilometres from the well-known towns of Po...

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The Pillar Of Light In Golfo Aranci

Categories History & Culture Golfo Aranci     Tags: history & culture golfo aranci    0 Comments The Pillar Of Light In Golfo Aranci

On the 11th August 1932 in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, Guglielmo Marconi was the first person to successfully undertake an experiment with an efficient system of wireless telegraphy using extreme ra...

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Capo Figari & Figarolo Island

Categories Nature & Landscape History & Culture Hiking & Trekking Golfo Aranci Experiences & Activities     Tags: nature & landscape history & culture hiking & trekking golfo aranci experiences & activities    0 Comments Capo Figari & Figarolo Island

Golfo Aranci is not only famous for its stunning beaches and pristine seawater. This tiny fishermen village has a lot more to offer. Trekking through the beautiful Mediterranean scrub is a valid alt...

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