The Gift Of Bread On December 31st Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture 0 Comments

The Gift Of Bread On December 31st

" A Medas Annos " is what you wish in Sardinia on December, and  this is the wish of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites to all of you loyal readers of the Blog: " A Medas Annos "...

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SEATY Project In Golfo Aranci Tags: nature & landscape experiences & activities, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

SEATY Project In Golfo Aranci

Knowing our sea to protect it. This is what the Worldrise non-profit organisation aims to do, while developing projects for the conservation and enhancement of the marine environment, based on aware...

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"Sea and Sardinia" By D.H. Lawrence Tags: personalities, arts & artisans, 0 Comments

"Sea and Sardinia" By D.H. Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence was one of the writers of the early twentieth century who deeply loved Sardinia, leaving us a tourist guide from the past, a travel book where you can read customs,  tradi...

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Coppersmiths And "Sa Romaniska" Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, 0 Comments

Coppersmiths And "Sa Romaniska"

Sardinia is one of the European regions with the highest density of spoken languages: five native idioms, with sub-variants, besides Italian: Sardinian or Sardinian limba , in its two versions ...

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