Geologically Sardinia Tags: nature & landscape, history & culture 0 Comments

Geologically Sardinia

Today I would like to make an interesting geological excursus, Sardinia's particular charm is also geologically present. While the entire Italian peninsula is on the line of contact between the Afric...

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Candlemas in Sardinia Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, 0 Comments

Candlemas in Sardinia

On February 2nd, the Catholic Church celebrates Candlemas.  Candles  are blessed, symbol of Christ " light  to enlighten the peoples", as the baby Jesus was called by the old Sime...

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Sardinian Rice Tags: food, 0 Comments

Sardinian Rice

I googled "Sardinian rice" and it twice refers to me with "Sardonic rice". “ Hey Google! Don't fool me, I very well know that in Sardinia there is an excellent quality of rice. I tasted its...

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