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Excursions: hints & ideas

Discovering the beauties of Sardinia from Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is situated on a beautiful seaside, 20 km from Olbia Town and just a few kilometres from the well-known towns of Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, tourist destinations of several VIP hanging around the Costa Smeralda territory.

First and foremost, one should definitely enjoy one of the numerous boat tours in Golfo Aranci. Visitors can take a tour with a rubber dinghy and go snorkelling with local guides who will teach all that there is to see in this pristine ecosystem. Sailing is also available, as well as luxury yachts to rent. But also a charming excursion at sea with the local fishermen of Golfo Aranci: they will tell you the stories of this sea and how they learned their fishing skills.

One of the most popular boat tours is the dolphins watching boat tour during sunset: it's easier to spot dolphins in that time of day and you will also enjoy a sunset cocktail served on the boat and take a swim in the fresh waters of the coastline of Golfo Aranci. The resident dolphins who live freely in its waters usually follow the boats to play.

Golfo Aranci fishermen town is also a strategic place to choose for your summer holidays because it is a perfect starting point for many stunning day-tours by car:

  • Costa Smeralda: the nearest and most sought-for tour by land, attracting tourists thanks to the presence of International VIPs and their luxurious lifestyles, villas and yachts.
  • La Maddalena Archipelago and Capreraboth with car access and several daily ferries departing from the port of Palau, the Archipelago is a must-see for sea lovers. Here, one can also visit the Museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian hero of Risorgimento who fought against the foreign invaders unifying Italy under one flag.
  • Barbagia territory, located in the Sardinian inland, is a stunning place where you can find culture, traditions, Sardinian cuisine and many mysterious, ancient traditions.
  • Castelsardo is one of the most characteristic towns of the northern part of Sardinia. It’s built at the hill peak, in front of the sea, a legacy of its medieval past, when it was used as a fortress. The old village must be visited for its history and beauty, as well as the old “Doria Castle” with its museum.
  • Alghero is a Catalan city on the west coast of Sardinia. A visit to the city centre is well worth it, to discover its beautiful shops, restaurants and boutiques. The Nettuno Cave is a must-see in this area because it offers a wonderful view of old geology formations and it’s only accessible via sea or going down the 634 steps carved in the rocks (it's 100% worth the effort!). Nearby the city, there are several archaeological sites (i.e Angelo Ruju’s Necropolis and Palmavera’s Nuraghic site) and famous wineries such as Sella & Mosca.

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