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Sardinian craftmanship

Sardinia is a charming land thanks to the versatility of its territory and of its millennial culture. Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites aims to let these multiple wonderful aspects of the Sardinian land be fully appreciated by the guests staying at the hotel, by having the opportunity to get to know Sardinia also by means of its craftsmanship, which discloses the story of the island through the artisan workshops where it is created with art and passion.

In 1957 the Autonomous Region of Sardinia established the I.S.O.L.A (Sardinian Institute for the Organization of Handicraft) to protect the popular art of the Sardinian handicraft in its whole, willing to convey Sardinia’s magic and traditions through it.

  • Weaving

  • ceramics

  • gold and silver and coral jewels

  • basketry works

  • wood

  • iron

These are the manual art areas springing from tradition, from history, from "balentia", which in Sardinian means courage, ability and skill founded on the sense of honor. A craft passed on from fathers and mothers to sons and daughters where care and passion are endorsing the strong tie binding  them to their marvelous island.

An art can only be learned in the workshop of those who are winning their bread by it.”  (Samuel Butler)



Written by  Daniela Toti


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