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Natural Pools of Bau Mela

To reach a heavenly corner of genuine Sardinia, 164 km away, in two hours by car from Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, you will arrive at the foot of Gennargentu, in the high Ogliastra, central-eastern Sardinia. Patiently smoothed by the water and embraced by the greenery of a forest of ancient and majestic oaks, where silence reigns broken only by Psithurism, the whisper of the wind that blows among the foliage, surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub scent, a nature masterpiece appears: the Bau Mela Natural Pools.

The Bau Mela waterfalls arise from Rio Silaccacoro, a stream that forms two waterfalls which in turn form natural pools. The upper waterfall feeds the larger pool, while the smaller one forms minor, easily accessible pools. An oasis that, if visited in the summer and when the weather is hot, invites you to rest and cool off in its waters, taking at the same time a blast from the past of an ancient land with all its wild and unspoiled authenticity. Time has stopped here but the flow of water that descends from above did not stop, finding its way by digging and shaping the granite through two waterfalls, and then stopping in the Blu Mela Natural Pools, this unexplored but infinitely magical place that is a creativity work nature offers us. 

A little further up, there is the "Regina Apostolorum", the Youth Formation House where the Curia organizes school camps or spiritual retreats precisely because of the quiet and serenity surrounding this place.

A dam and a hydroelectric power station are visible along the way, part of the upper Flumendosa Plant also including the nearby Bau Mandara and Bau Muggeris dams.

An enchanting path in the vicinity leads to the majestic Sothai waterfall, which flows into the Bau Vigo canyon. In the Villanova Strisaili village, there is the Pirincanes Gorge, carved by the Rio 'e Forru where the water, eroding the pink granite, has forged a series of natural pools, called “The Giants Pot”.

The beauty of the place was also appreciated by the nuragic ancestors who left us an area rich in archaeological remains: the park of Santa Barbara hosts seven Tombs of the Giants and one megalithic, 17 Nuraghi and ten Nuragic villages. The surroundings of Villanova Strisaili offer other sites: s'Arcu and is Forros, where it is possible to admire a temple with megaron and two wells, various Domus de Janas, the complex of Troculu - with two nuraghi, village and tomb of giants - and the archaeological area of ​​sa Carcaredda.

Villagrande Strisaili is part of the "Blue Zone", a town of centenarians, guardian of traditions that have been handed down for centuries, as confirmed by the celebrations of the festivals, such as the feast of Saint Sebastian, crafts and traditional Sardinian cuisine.

For the sporty ones, canyoning at the Bau Mela waterfalls is well known: natural slides, waterfalls and a world of adventure up and down the streams traveling between pools and natural slides, safely accompanied by an expert guide, but also abseiling, and aquatrekking (hiking that involves going up the rivers or streams countercurrent, alternating walks in the water with walks on the paths).


“The river goes straightforward and reckless to the sea, but every now and then it forms a loop where you can hear the unhurried voice of the sky and of the seasons”. (Fabrizio Caramagna)


Written by Daniela Toti

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