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Sardinia, Island Of Records

Sardinia, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean, is somewhat reminiscent of the song by Georges Moustaki, where he portraits himself being "Half pirate, half artist".

Pirate because it is wild in its wind assaulting you, a wind that does not bend but ruffles. It savagely rumples the foliage of the Mediterranean Shrub as well as it ruffles your hair, and with a rough benevolent caress, he skirmishes with the flowering oleanders.

Artist in its colours, in the shades of its greens, its blues, its greys, its pinks… interacting with emotions. "Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.” Khalil Gibran used to say. 

But it is the island of records as well! We at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, are disclosing some of its records that might well deserve your attention:

  1. The largest Bronze Age monuments in Europe are in Sardinia, The Nuraghi: Ancient Heritage Of Sardinia

  2. Oristano's Sartiglia: An Historic Equestrian Competition, is the oldest in Italy. There is evidence of this as early as 1546. 

  3. In the Cave Of Ispinigoli And Bue Marino in Dorgali (NU) is the highest stalagmite in Europe: 38m.

  4. Sardinia holds the record in Italy for the number of woods and forests for a total of 1,241,409 hectares deserving the 2018 European Forest Island Award.  

  5. In the nineties in the municipality of Arbus the largest knife in the world was made: 4.85 m and 295 kg, a record exceeded in Gallura with a 5.65 m knife but no heavier,  Iron Craftmanship of Sardinia.

  6. In Sardinia there is the long eval living being in Europe with its 4000 years of age: the Olivastro di Luras also called S'Ozzastru (see link S'Ozzastru, The Oldest Olive Tree).   

  7. In Sardinia, we have the most beautiful beaches in Italy, so much so that in the top ten of the most beautiful beaches 5 out of 10 are Sardinian (see The Pink Beach Of Budelli).   

  8. The largest desert in Europe is in Sardinia: the Piscinas dunes represent the largest sandy desert in Europe. Small digression: there is also the largest nudist camp in Europe.   

  9. With its 186 m of altitude, the Capo Caccia lighthouse is the highest located lighthouse in Italy (2 h 164 km from Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites).   

  10. In the Supramonte Of Sardinia at a height of 500 meters is the highest Canyon in Italy: the Gorropu Canyon. It is one of the deepest in Europe.   

  11. In Sardinia there is the oldest police force in Europe, founded in 1560: the Baracellare Police Force, created above all to counteract the asbigeate.  

  12. In 1392 the first code of laws in Sardinian language was promulgated in Oristano: La Carta de Lugu, written by Eleanor Of Arborea (the famous Magna Carta Libertatum dates back to 1215).   

  1. Sardinia is one of the 5 regions in the world where you live the longest: in the province of Nuoro there is the highest number of centenarians in the world. Read 10 Healthy Foods From The "Blue Zone" Sardinia.   

  2. And, last but not least among records, in Sardinia there is a fifth of the entire national archaeological heritage just considering those surveyed. If, on the other hand, we assume that if we also consider those not registered, it becomes a world record: 6 Steps To Better Know The Nuragic Civilization.


Written by Daniela Toti

In the photo: Chef Dettori during a cooking show at Gabbiano Azzurro. She is making Su Filindeu, the rarest pasta in the world. Sardinian diet and lifestyle are the reason for centenarians records.


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