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Geo Energetic Sardinia

A few years ago, I convinced a group of friends to go to Li Mizzani's Tomb of the Giants where, I had read, a considerable charge of electromagnetic energy is concentrated. And I had also read that the full moon enhances magnetism, so on a full moon summer evening we set off from the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, towards Li Mizzani 43 km away in 48 minutes by car. Following the ritual, we took off our shoes for direct contact with the ground, and laid down on the "wall" around the large vertically arranged stone slab, the stele, to obtain the maximum benefit from the electromagnetic energy it emanated. The modern use of geo magnetotherapy tells us how ancient its roots are!

The peculiarity of this site actually belongs to all the Tombs of the Giants because both the stones used to build them and the places where they were built are enormous accumulators of telluric energy. Furthermore, the tomb construction has a semicircle front in order to be aligned with the Earth energy lines to capture and amplify them. The expressed construction would have allowed the whole monument to be continuously charged with the site’s energy. These monuments, even if today appear in ruins, are not dead wreckage but are still alive due to their great energy.

Thinking of a civilization living in the Bronze Age, between 3300 and 700 BC. C., was aware of the precise energy places where erecting their monuments, demonstrate their knowledge and their competence. Complex funeral monuments to be built requiring enormous human effort, express the importance that these Nuragic and pre-Nuragic peoples were attributing to death. Perhaps the purpose was to allow the soul of the mortal body of the deceased to receive enough energy to detach from the body and then receive a new life from Mother Earth.

The tomb of Coddu Vecchiu, in the municipality of Arzachena, is the most enigmatic site. It is located near the Nuragic Archeo site La Prisgiona and analysing this site many experts believe that the tombs were considered as portals to the afterlife, a sort of passage from the physical to the spiritual world.

The ancient Sardinians, in building the Tombs of the Giants, the Domus de Janas and the Giants Of Mont'e Prama, knew that the earth's magnetic field is essential for the biological subsistence of the planet. In fact, they were well aware of the use of magnetotherapy and used it for therapeutic purposes also.

Many great monuments around the world, often shrouded in a mystery aura, were built with energetic coincidences: Stonehenge in Great Britain, Sedona in Arizona, Uluru Ayers Rock in Australia, Machu Picchu in Peru would all emanate remarkable positive energy.

When man finds perfect harmony with the energies of the universe and the earth (telluric), his energy vibrates differently and knows harmony, tranquillity and positivity. It is therefore fundamental, obtaining amazing advantages, to find the places where energy lives, to visit them with the right spirit and respect.

The places of high energy in Sardinia, according to recent research, are located in Palau. Around the town, in fact, there are at least four points where positive energies intertwine: Tomba Li Mizzani, Church of San Giorgio, Bosco dei Lentischi and Monte Canu.

“The eternal energy living in material is compressed vibration. Control the vibrations and the power to control the substance and material energy will eventually be given” (Jasmuheen)


Written by Daniela Toti
Photo of Nuraghe Losa by Gabriele Calvisi

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