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Golfo Aranci's Mermaid

A peculiarity that guests visiting Golfo Aranci must not miss is the song of the Mermaid rising from the sea.  

From the depths of the blue sea, right in front of the Town Hall, emerges a beautiful Mermaid statue, singing beautiful Sardinian songs to greet the inhabitants, bring luck to the fishermen and welcome the tourists.
The bronze statue "Song of the Mermaid" is made by the sculptor Pietro Longu, who so describes his work:

"This sculpture wants to be a tribute to the uniqueness of the Sardinian woman, a strong, wise, discreet, patient and courageous woman, proud in her soul, the bearer of the family and of the Sardinian society, who fascinates and inspires man since the Prehistoric era. Golfo Aranci’s Mermaid is definitely a Sardinian woman, distinguished by the grace in her lifestyle and beauty, with her hair tied up behind her neck, in the traditional “mogno”, to better disclose her face. The arms’ semisphere, resting along the body, recalls and symbolizes the jewel buttons decorating the typical traditional Sardinian dress shirt, along with the long pleated skirt enhancing its folds in a dance move. With her majestic height, she is caressing the sky and the stars, indulging with her head slightly reclined in a romantic attitude. She is wrapped up in the Milky Way, pointing to the multiple elements framing the Sardinian world identity, rich in values ​​and traditions, symbolized by the nuragic nacelle she is looking to, which brings us back to our ancient sailing origins and to the women waiting for their men to return from sea.”


written by Daniela Toti 


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