A Sardinian Nobel Prized Author: Grazia Deledda

Catégories Personalities History & Culture     Tags: personalities history & culture    0 Commentaires A Sardinian Nobel Prized Author: Grazia Deledda

"I'm very small, you know, I'm short even compared to Sardinian women who are very small, but I'm bold and brave like a giant and I'm not afraid of intellectual battles." Thus, Grazia Deledda w...

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Singers Of Sardinia

Catégories Traditions & Folklore Personalities History & Culture Entertainment - Nightlife - Music     Tags: traditions & folklore personalities history & culture entertainment - nightlife - concerts    0 Commentaires Singers Of Sardinia

During the superb holidays spent at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, Sardinian songs are an experience to take home as it’s comparable to the sun: it lingers on the skin and then remain...

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Sa Paradura: Safety In Numbers

Catégories Traditions & Folklore History & Culture     Tags: traditions & folklore history & culture    0 Commentaires Sa Paradura: Safety In Numbers

" The  Sa Paradura  is a gesture that is existing since the dawn of time. When a shepherd unluckily loses his flock for many reasons, may it be because it has been stolen, or because i...

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