Nuragic Bronze Statuettes

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The bronze statuettes ( brunzìttu nuragicu in Sardinian) created from IX to VI century A.C. and found in  Nuraghe , in the common dwellings, in the Giants' Tombs and in the Holy Wells...

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San Pantaleo: Discovering The Village and The Market

Catégories Nature & Landscape Experiences & Activities Costa Smeralda Arts & Artisans     Tags: nature & landscape experiences & activities costa smeralda arts & artisans    0 Commentaires San Pantaleo: Discovering The Village and The Market

Protected by the granite massif of Cugnana, in the north-eastern Gallura, San Pantaleo, a pearl of the “Emerald Coast” hinterland and part of the municipality of Olbia, in the province o...

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Conca Fraicata - a Smurfs’ House?

Catégories Traditions & Folklore Nature & Landscape     Tags: traditions & folklore nature & landscape    0 Commentaires Conca Fraicata - a Smurfs’ House?

Most of us grew up with the Smurfs . Back in 1958, the Belgian designer Peyo had the very happy inspiration of ​​creating the cute and little blue inhabitants of the woods, who lived in round house...

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Sa Pintadera

Catégories History & Culture Experiences & Activities Arts & Artisans     Tags: history & culture experiences & activities arts & artisans    0 Commentaires Sa Pintadera

Sa Pintadera is a circular clay disk with geometric motifs engraved on one facade, converging towards the centre, almost a primitive Mandala, as the Pintadera actually recalls the magnetic Mandala...

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Sardinian Arsons

Catégories Nature & Landscape     Tags: nature & landscape    0 Commentaires Sardinian Arsons

“Stizia Du Pìghiri” Let Justice Take you! The Association " L’Uomo che Pianta gli Alberi “(The Man Who Plants the Trees) is interested in the protection of the en...

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