The sea as source of medicine Tags: landscape peculiarities, activites, experience, golfo aranci, sea 0 Comments

The sea as source of medicine

Guest arriving at Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites has chosen, among the many merits of the holiday, the sea. The sea is a casket of beneficial preciousness of which we do not know everythi...

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The swords in the stones Tags: nuragic civilization, heritage, museum, history, visit, 0 Comments

The swords in the stones

Who among us does not know the legend of Excalibur, the mythical sword stuck in the rock that would have consecrated King the man capable of extracting it, which was achieved by Arthur who thus becam...

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ALLUAI! Fishing with Euphorbia juice Tags: landscape peculiarities, heritage, fishing, fish, history, walking, 0 Comments

ALLUAI! Fishing with Euphorbia juice

In Sardinia grows a variety of euphorbia very common in the countryside. It is a shrub with roundish foliage, which produces yellow flowers from January to April and goes into hibernation in the war...

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A world's heritage: dry-stone walls Tags: landscape peculiarities, heritage, history, walking, 0 Comments

A world's heritage: dry-stone walls

Half a century ago, Ferdinando Manno wrote in his " Centuries among the olive trees ": " For generations and generations, the farmers gathered this immense quantity of stones ordering them one by...

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Iron craftmanship of Sardinia Tags: craftmanship, heritage, history, visit, 0 Comments

Iron craftmanship of Sardinia

Iron craftsmanship in Sardinia, thanks to the island’s rich mineral resources, is art going back thousands of years, as confirmed by the bronze statuettes ( brunzìttu nuragicu  ...

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