Feeling safe

Feeling safe & good ... like home!

Since 1968, the Gabbiano Azzurro and the Datome Family with their historical collaborators have been putting first the well-being and safety of all guests who choose this place as their holiday home, once or repeatedly.

This year more than ever, this already consolidated habit becomes a written rule, and here we briefly wish to share with you how we have planned to best preserve your holiday, your safety and your overall well-being.

We took advantage of the lock-down period to select the best sanitization systems and devices in order to comply with the National and International directives, and implement them in the already high cleaning measures that the Gabbiano Azzurro practices and for which it is well-known.

Here are our main initiatives

Daily sanitization and cleaning procedures of all rooms and suites

Cleanliness is a flagship in the history of the Gabbiano Azzurro: we have always been treating and cleaning the whole Hotel with the same care and love that we dedicate to our homes. In this Summer 2020, to make even safer our already high cleaning standards, we have implemented the use of certified sanitizing sprays and devices, which are used to clean all rooms & suites for each arrival. The daily cleaning service to all rooms is regularly active. Your dedicated housekeeper will clean your room every day ensuring the regular hygiene and renewal of the linen provided while wearing personal safety devices. The linen service used in the Hotel complies with the highest hygiene and safety standards according to the latest regulations of the Italian Ministry of Health. Should you feel more comfortable by giving up the daily housekeeping service, you can request a housekeeper to clean your room only when you feel the need, by saying so to our Reception.

Some products and devices we daily implement in the cleaning procedures:

  • Vacuum cleaner sterilizer with a UV lamp (for pillows, mattresses and all fabrics)
  • Rifraxan sanitizing spray (for all hard surfaces such as desks, chairs, windows, etc.)
  • Perox disinfectant for the vaporizer (for all surfaces such as curtains, wardrobes, etc.)
  • DeorNet Clor sanitizing liquid (for floor and bathroom surfaces like the WC)

Sanitation and cleaning of common areas

Daily sanitization in the common areas of the Hotel is scheduled many times throughout the day, and it will be carried out on all surfaces exposed to the common use of Guests and staff members. Here's a non-exhaustive list: handrails, lights and elevators buttons, door handles, windows, tables, seats, etc.

Air conditioning

The sanitization of all A/C filters is minutely and periodically carried out to guarantee the safety of the air introduced into the rooms and common areas. As per International guidelines, we also regularly open the windows to air the common spaces and we invite you to do the same in your room.

Staff members

Each Collaborator employed at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites in this Summer 2020 has been trained to correctly put into action the WHO and Italian Government guidelines within their daily operations. In some cases, such as for the housekeeping and kitchen departments, training hours have also been provided for the use of new sanitizing tools to be used in the Hotel. During service hours in the Hotel, all staff are required to wear safety devices such as a mask and frequently use the hand-sanitizing gel.

We apologize in advance if you do not see our smile covered by the mask, but we promise that it extends to the eyes and heart with the gratitude of having you as our welcomed Guests!

Respect for distances

This year the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites spontaneously decided to welcome only a limited number of Guests, which is small compared to the Hotel's capacity in terms of facilities, number of rooms and dimension of the common areas. This decision has been taken to better guarantee social distances and also to add value to the quality of your stay with us, with the aim of preserving your holiday, your safety and your overall well-being. For those unfamiliar with the common spaces of the Gabbiano Azzurro, we can confirm that we do guarantee social distancing, and more: we have enlarged the spaces, favouring the Guests permanence outdoor when this is possible.

Hand-sanitizing gel

You will find in the common areas of the Hotel, and on all floors, a hand-sanitizing gel that we ask you to frequently use to protect yourself as well as all other Guests and to preserve the safety of the spaces of the Hotel that are at your disposal.

Safety information and signage

At your disposal at the Reception, you can always consult the complete safety and hygiene policy of Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, which has been created and tailored to our Hotel following the WHO directives, the law regulations of the Italian Government and the local guidelines of the Sardinia Region, in collaboration with our Safety & Security Consultant. Signage is in 2 languages (ITA-ENG) to guide you on how to behave in closed spaces, in the common areas and in the presence of other people, for yours and their safety.

We invite all Guests of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites to always wear a personal mask in the common spaces indoors, inside the common areas of the Hotel.

Beach and swimming pool

The sunbeds and parasols available at the pool and private beach are regularly sanitized at the change of each Guest. The pool water is regularly sanitized with a percentage of chlorine calibrated by law to ensure full safety. Nonetheless, we invite you to take a shower before accessing the water for further kind consideration towards all other Guests. The beach towels are at your disposal for free use and are regularly sanitized at each wash: we invite you to change them daily.

Food & drinks

At both bars and restaurants of the Gabbiano Azzurro, the tables are distanced according to the law and are regularly sanitized for the use of each Guest. In order to allow flowing access to the restaurants, entry and exit paths are signalled with specific indications to avoid gatherings. Reservation is recommended. All the menus of the bars and restaurants can be easily consulted by scanning a QR CODE with your smartphone (or other devices such as tablet or laptop that can access to your internet connection or to the Hotel’s free wifi connection).

Breakfast is set on the sea view terraces of the Gabbiano Azzurro and is available with a served buffet on show behind plexiglass. Our waiters will attend you to hand to you your breakfast choices. 

The bar service is carried out by ordering at your table, with no possibility of having drinks at the counter. We invite you to sit and relax: let us serve you in full safety.

Fitness room

On the fourth floor of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, there is a multi-gym fitness room. The use of this facility is free and accessible prior booking with our Reception, in order to guarantee safety distances and to sanitize each machine after each Guest.

Communicating with us

We are always happy to see you and to be able to speak with you in person!

But to meet everyone's needs, and to guarantee both comfort and safety, this year we have also made available a convenient instant messaging service that allows you to minimize physical contact and solve any need or request in a simple and safe way. Our Reception is also always available by calling from the phone in your room, 24/7.