Sa Ramadura: Sardinian Roads Paved In Flowers Tags: traditions & folklore, experiences & activities 0 Comments

Sa Ramadura: Sardinian Roads Paved In Flowers

Sa Ramadura , also called " infiorata " (decked with flowers) - which is currently still mesmerizing - is one of the most popular religious and folkloristic events in Sardinia. It is very old but...

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The 4 "Ichnusa" Legends Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, 0 Comments

The 4 "Ichnusa" Legends

How many of you know that the name of  Beer in Sardinia , " Ichnusa " , is actually the ancient Greek name for Sardinia? In this regard, 4 beautiful legends tell its origin: let's h...

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The Myrtle Tags: nature & landscape, food, 0 Comments

The Myrtle

The Mediterranean Scrub in Sardinia is formed, along with various other spices such as cistus, lentisk, juniper, arbutus, also from one of its most common components: the myrtle . All the shrub...

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