The Shardana Tags: nuragic civilization, culture, heritage, roots, history 0 Comments

The Shardana

Nuragic civilization was born and developed in Sardinia, confined in a period dating from the Bronze Age (1800 BC) to the 2nd century BC, already being Roman Age. The Shardana , populations ...

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Atlantis, the Center of the World and ... Sardinia! Tags: superstions, nuragic civilization culture, heritage, roots, sardinia, history, 0 Comments

Atlantis, the Center of the World and ... Sardinia!

I love Sardinia. And it’s not only due to the famous imposing Sardinian rocks, and it’s not only due to the Mediterranean scrub nor due to the enchanting emerald-like color of the sea. I...

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The "Su Coccu" Tags: superstions, culture, heritage, roots, tradition, history, 0 Comments

The "Su Coccu"

The “ Su Coccu ",  is an amulet used to fight evil-eye, usually made of an onyx or obsidian black round stone, but also round turquoise stone or  coral are used, set between two li...

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Treasures of magic origin: the "Janas" of Sardinia Tags: landscape peculiarities, superstions, nuragic civilization, culture, heritage, roots, history, excursion, visit, activites, 0 Comments

Treasures of magic origin: the "Janas" of Sardinia

Sardinia, besides being such a beautiful place worth to be visited and experienced, is also magical. Magical is the color of the sea, magical is the bursting of stories silence of the mountains, the ...

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Maria Lai & the art of threads Tags: personalities, culture, museum, visit, 0 Comments

Maria Lai & the art of threads

Stretched or tangled, sewn, resewn and unstitched, loose or knotted, the threads are the artistic language of a small Sardinian woman: Maria Lai . Maria Lai wanted to stitch the world wit...

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Berchidda and its surroundings Tags: landscape peculiarities, nuragic civilization, personalities, culture, music, entertainment, heritage, museum, tasting, history, excursion, walking, visit, 0 Comments

Berchidda and its surroundings

Just 60 km far and an hour by car from the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites ,  Berchidda deserves indeed a trip to appreciate one of the places where landscape, history and traditions com...

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Sardinian Ceramics Tags: craftmanship, culture, tradition, sardinia, costa smeralda, 0 Comments

Sardinian Ceramics

The Sardinian ceramic past begins with beautiful specimens of pre-nuragic and nuragic pottery, and models recalling the Roman domination. The making of ceramics takes us back to the courtyards of the...

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Wood craft in Sardinia Tags: craftmanship, culture, heritage, tradition, sardinia, 0 Comments

Wood craft in Sardinia

When I first come across with the art and beauty of Sardinian wood craft, it was in 1990 and I could admire beautiful chestnut furniture worked with the asciolu , a tool with a small hoe shape, u...

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The art of wedding Pastry in Sardinia Tags: wedding, culture, recipe, tradition, sardinia, 0 Comments

The art of wedding Pastry in Sardinia

" Comment’est durche su mele, siat durche s’amore ". " As sweet as honey, so sweet is love ". It’s a wish for the bride and groom in Nuoro’s area. The “sweet ...

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Sardinian craftmanship Tags: culture, heritage, tradition, sardinia, visit, 0 Comments

Sardinian craftmanship

Sardinia is a charming land thanks to the versatility of its territory and of its millennial culture. Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites aims to let these multiple wonderful aspects of the Sardin...

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