Guglielmo Marconi In Sardinia Tags: nature & landscape, personalities, history & culture, hiking & trekking, golfo aranci 0 Comments

Guglielmo Marconi In Sardinia

Leaving Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites , continuing towards the port of Golfo Aranci fishermen village , passing from the Nuragic Well Temple of Milis, you arrive at the stunning b...

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Castelsardo: The Most Beautiful Borough In Italy Tags: nature & landscape, personalities, arts & artisans, history & culture, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

Castelsardo: The Most Beautiful Borough In Italy

About two hours by car, 113 km away from  Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites , Castel Sardo is a place worth to visit. It is in fact included among " The most beautiful borough in It...

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Eleanor From Arborea Tags: personalities, history & culture, 0 Comments

Eleanor From Arborea

When it comes to her, the edging between reality and mythology is not always clear.  Both history and legend tell of an exceptional woman: Eleanor, Iudex of Arborea. Around the middle of 1300, S...

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Byssus: The Magic Fabric From The Sea Tags: personalities, arts & artisans, sealife & watersports, 0 Comments

Byssus: The Magic Fabric From The Sea

The encyclopaedia reads: “ B yssus is a textile fibre of animal origin, a sort of natural silk obtained from filaments secreted by a species of bivalve molluscs (Pinna Nobilis), endemic in t...

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