S'Intrumpa: the Gherradores Sardinian Wrestling Tags: nuragic civilization, entertainment, heritage, tradition, history 0 Comments

S'Intrumpa: the Gherradores Sardinian Wrestling

The Sardinian fight, or S'Istrumpa , is a very ancient form of wrestling, perhaps the oldest of sports, handed down for millennia from generation to generation, as evidenced by the bronzes of the...

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The Sardinian art of jewellery Tags: craftmanship, heritage, tradition, 0 Comments

The Sardinian art of jewellery

Sardinian jewels are of a very particular beauty indeed. Gold or silver, worked in filigree, bejewelled with stones and coral: jewels are an important part of traditional clothing, they have a histor...

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A journey into the local past: Sa Domo de Marras Tags: culture, heritage, museum, roots, tradition, history, excursion, visit, 0 Comments

A journey into the local past: Sa Domo de Marras

An excursion from which I brought back with me a captivating experience was at the ethnographic museum "Sa Domo 'e Sos Marras " , an ancient eighteenth century manor house, located in the histor...

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Singers of Sardinia Tags: personalities, culture, music, entertainment, heritage, tradition, history, 0 Comments

Singers of Sardinia

During the superb holidays spent at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, Sardinian songs are an experience to take home as it’s comparable to the sun: it lingers on the skin and then remai...

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"Sa Paradura": safety in numbers Tags: culture, roots, tradition, history, 0 Comments

"Sa Paradura": safety in numbers

" The Sa Paradura is a gesture that is existing since the dawn of time. When a shepherd unluckily loses his flock for many reasons, may it be because it has been stolen, or because it has bee...

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The "Su Coccu" Tags: superstions, culture, heritage, roots, tradition, history, 0 Comments

The "Su Coccu"

The “ Su Coccu ",  is an amulet used to fight evil-eye, usually made of an onyx or obsidian black round stone, but also round turquoise stone or  coral are used, set between two li...

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Basketry - The Sardinian Baskets Tags: craftmanship, heritage, tradition, 0 Comments

Basketry - The Sardinian Baskets

In Sardinia, a land rich in aquatic plants, basketry is widespread. Even though there are still craftsmen who create mats and fences, manufacturing of baskets, corbule (decorative baskets) and...

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The cork Tags: landscape peculiarities, craftmanship, tradition, excursion, 0 Comments

The cork

On both sides of the road, oak woods follow one another and the nude tree trunks are brick-red where they have been already harvested. We are going to Tempio Pausania , the capital of Gallura, an...

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Sardinian Ceramics Tags: craftmanship, culture, tradition, sardinia, costa smeralda, 0 Comments

Sardinian Ceramics

The Sardinian ceramic past begins with beautiful specimens of pre-nuragic and nuragic pottery, and models recalling the Roman domination. The making of ceramics takes us back to the courtyards of the...

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Wood craft in Sardinia Tags: craftmanship, culture, heritage, tradition, sardinia, 0 Comments

Wood craft in Sardinia

When I first come across with the art and beauty of Sardinian wood craft, it was in 1990 and I could admire beautiful chestnut furniture worked with the asciolu , a tool with a small hoe shape, u...

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