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Ice Cream "Made in Sardinia"

From this year Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites offers its guests the Made in Sardinia “Bolmea Ice Cream”, a gluten-free ice cream, genuine and as good as the artisan one. Its secret lies in the use of simple ingredients, such as fresh milk directly pasteurised in the farm, the water that flows down from Mount Limbara, the main peak of the mountain massif in north-eastern Sardinia, together with natural products such as fresh ricotta, honey, caramelised figs, walnuts, pears, fresh yoghurt, lemon, ginger. The range is made up of 13 types.

Behind the success of Tempio’s Bolmea ice creams there is the resolute constancy of Marcello Muntoni, administrator and factotum of the company, who almost ten years ago decided to produce ice creams in his town, Tempio, although there was no Sardinian tradition in this regard. That dream, result of great perseverance, has become a constantly growing reality. «I'm here – highlights Muntoni – and 11 other people are with me, a football team. We work hard, mutual help is the first thing, everyone brings 360 degrees ideas and commitment».

In Sardinia meadows are genuine and there is no form of pollution, neither in water nor in air and all this helps the quality of the product. Muntoni explains that the starting point of the Bolmea supply chain is Gallura, where breeding still takes place on large areas of pasture allowing the cows to find the best grass. We pasteurize freshly drawn milk, a milk that is unrivalled in the sector, and whose qualities are preserved throughout the production process thanks to the latest generation procedures he says.

The characteristic sign of this ice cream is Sardinia. The name that has been chosen, Bolmea, is the nickname of a woman who a few years ago was famous in the area because of her she producing an exquisite yoghurt. «In memory of Zia Bolmea and of that yoghurt made with simple things - says Muntoni - we decided to name the ice creams after her. Our brand was born following this goal: natural ingredients for delicious ice creams».

Isn’t it that you are now looking forward to taste it? You can have it either at the Beach Risto & Bar or, as a dessert, at the Blù Restaurant. Enjoy!

“…Italian ice creams with a velvety texture that form monumental scales of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate…” (Muriel Barbery)


Written by Daniela Toti

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