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Interview With The Chief Bartender Gianluca Derosas

Gianluca Derosas is the Chief Bartender of the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites. He is 38 years old and is a volcano of very pleasant energy. His liking for his job is obvious in every fibre of his being. He is the son of art, he tells me, and therefore he has always been behind a bar counter with his father since he was a boy. Perhaps for a short time he had dreamed of becoming an air force pilot but Gianluca wears glasses, so the dream as it began has also vanished. 

But it didn’t matter. He decided to enrol in Hotel Management School in Arzachena and there, as early as his first year, he could gain experience during the holidays at the Grand Hotel Porto Cervo thanks to his school teacher who had already seen high potential in that 15-year-old. In those years he began to understand that the summer job didn't weigh him down, on the contrary it had become his passion. 

At the age of 18 he moved to Saint Moritz to work in a 5-star hotel where he stayed for a winter season, during which he learned the Swiss discipline and precision that trained him and brought him to Milan at the Melià Hotel, another 5-stars, where he worked for 5 years. He then went to London where he became head bartender. It was a 6 years hectic life but it passed quickly because he had so much to learn about cocktails, about IBA and there Gianluca discovers himself as a Mixologist.

Q. Gianluca, tell me what a Mixologist is, as it is a new word for me.

A. The Mixologist is a true lover of cocktails, he takes care of the perfect alchemy between the components of the cocktail trusting his palate, using original ingredients and modern techniques, to create special combinations with alcoholic, but also non-alcoholic, involving his customers explaining the phases of the creation of his works. You don't become a Mixologist: you are born with it.

Q. Which are the scents you prefer in your cocktails?

A. 60% is Gin because its botanicals do perfume but do not prevail. As a good Mixologist, I then combine it with other aromas and flavours. I am always looking forward to matching my drink with whoever is going to drink it.

Q. Is there a cocktail that has given you more fulfilment than others?

A. (has no hesitation) the Costa Smeralda, my own creation. Gin, fresh raspberry, very little grappa, zibibbo grapes and prosecco. I have taken it everywhere with success.

Q. Have you introduced any "sardinity"?

A. I have made a selection of the most valid Sardinian Gins, which lead back, at the first sip, to colours and scents recalling the Mediterranean Scrub. The juniper plant in Sardinian is giniperu and the product obtained by distilling the berries is called giniu.

Q. I noticed that you have added wonderful herbal teas at the bar.

A. Yes, we have raised the quality into sought-after leaves. Do you know what my project is? Using them cold for wonderful cocktails.

Q. What would you create for me?

A. You love natural gin, I understand that, without many embellishments and therefore I would prepare you a Sardinian Gin Tonic with sensational references to the wild herbs of the island.

D. Gianluca, how do you see yourself projected in the future?

R. (smiles) I'd like to go back to London, where everything is very competitive. Perhaps in a Private Member Club, but also being able to become a Food & Beverage Manager in a structure that contemplates it. For the time being, I like it here, the Gabbiano environment satisfies my ambitions. One day maybe…

Thanks, Gianluca, that really was a full of "scents" conversation. Ad Maiora.


Written by Daniela Toti

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