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San Pantaleo: Discovering The Village and The Market

Protected by the granite massif of Cugnana, in the north-eastern Gallura, San Pantaleo, a pearl of the “Emerald Coast” hinterland and part of the municipality of Olbia, in the province of Sassari, is 22 km from Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites reachable in half an hour drive. Despite being very close to one of the most popular areas of Sardinia and the wonderful beaches of Costa Smeralda, this village has succeeded in preserving its authenticity.

The ancient legend tells that a population of fairies, warriors and giants was mysteriously petrified becoming the silver granite that embraces and protects the small stone town which, many centuries later, would take its name after Saint Pantaleo, a young doctor from Nicomedia, name imported to the island in the early Middle Ages at the time of the Byzantine domination.

Pantaleone Martyr lived in Nicomedia between the third and fourth centuries. He approached the Christian faith and practised medicine as anargyroi, that is, for free. He accomplished several miracles. Envious colleagues denounced him for not taking money for his services but he preferred to continue working for free and ended up first in prison where he was tortured and finally sentenced to be beheaded. He was on his 30 years old. The cult of Pantaleone, protector of doctors and migraine sufferers, spread rapidly both in the East and in the West.

The climate you breathe in San Pantaleo is among the healthiest, the granite background shines in the sunlight, the scents of Macchia in the air give a burst of energy. The village has an artistic soul and welcomes local and international artists who live and create here, taking inspiration from the wonderful surrounding area.

Don't miss the famous Thursday market in San Pantaleo, which offers the artisan skills of artists and is considered one of the most interesting markets in Sardinia. Sardinian craftmanship is displayed on the kiosks alongside some interesting pieces of regional antiques. The market has contributed to making the small Gallura village famous. Celebrities, coming from nearby Porto Rotondo: a Venetian town for VIPs  and Porto Cervo: the heart of Costa Smeralda, which are located less than 20 kilometres from the town, can be seen wandering curious and attentive among the kiosks, especially the food and wine genres ones, where wines, fruit, meats and cheeses promote the best savours of the territory. By shopping at the market, you have the feeling of taking home a tangible memory of this small magical village set in granite, between Mediterranean scrub, woods and rocks shaped by the wind.

Culture may also be satisfied: 10 km away in a few minutes you can visit the Albucciu Nuragic Complex and not far away you may as well visit the tombs of the giants of Coddu Veccju, Moru, Li Lolghi, following the Path of the Giants.

I come from an island bordering

to the North with the Sky, to the South with the Sea,

to the East with Dawn

and to the West with Sunset.

(Andra Melis - Sardinia)


Written by Daniela Toti


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