Compagnia Barracellare: Police Force Of Sardinia Tags: nature & landscape, personalities, history & culture 0 Comments

Compagnia Barracellare: Police Force Of Sardinia

We mentioned the collaboration of the Compagnia Barracellare in the forest and woodland protection of Sardinia in the article Sardinia: 2018 European Forest Island Award .  The B ...

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Abbamele Tags: traditions & folklore, food, 0 Comments


His name is Zi’ Pietrino, where “’Zi’” stands for uncle, now retired and sitting here with me on the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites terrace, overlooking the sea th...

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Archaeoacoustics Tags: traditions & folklore, history & culture, 0 Comments


Here is a fascinating topic that I came across with, just by chance: Archaeoacoustics , a new science that is particularly relevant in understanding the real functions of specific archaeological ...

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S'Ozzastru: The Oldest Olive Tree Tags: nature & landscape, history & culture, experiences & activities, 0 Comments

S'Ozzastru: The Oldest Olive Tree

Sardinia, an ancient land rich in naturalistic, historical, artistic and cultural privileges, also claims its oldest living identity, S'Ozzastru , the oldest olive tree in Italy, which is over 40...

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